10 Reasons to Choose Veeam to Protect Your Data on AWS

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One of the biggest worries organizations have about moving their workloads and data to the cloud is data loss. It’s a valid worry. Even AWS, the leader by far maintains that your applications and your data in the cloud are your responsibility, as evinced by the AWS Shared Responsibility Model. However, you can easily eliminate data loss risk while saving on costs using a service from AWS partner network: Veeam Backup and DR

Fully automated and native, Veeam provides comprehensive backup and disaster recovery services that can help you secure your data on Amazon EC2, Amazon RDS, Amazon EFS and Amazon VPC, while saving on back up costs. There are several reasons to pick Veeam for your AWS back up and recovery, here are the top 10

1. Cloud native backup and recovery

Veeam’s AWS backup and recovery is designed for AWS. Thus, it is fully native and meets all AWS security best practices. Be it Amazon EC2, Amazon RDS, Amazon EFS and Amazon VPC, your data is fully protected on AWS. EC2 or RDS Instances can be restored to multiple security groups, or restored to the original location while preserving original IP, or a new location without a public IP.

2. Automate and forget

No more need for manual processes or agents, Veeam’s policy based automation is fully customizable, automates snapshots and manages data lifecycles.

3. Central control

With Veeam, you can manage AWS backup centrally on any environment, be it virtually on other cloud, physical/virtual, Saas, or Kubernetes.

4. Near Zero RTO

In the event of any disaster Veeam ensures your processes— from entire instances to discrete files— are recovered and restored in seconds, well within your Recovery Time Objective. So you can avoid any unwanted consequences that come from break in continuity.

5. Secure from all threats

Your data backup is encrypted and access is controlled to protect you from internal threats, as well as external ones, i.e. cyber threats like ransomware and bad actors, while meeting regulatory compliances and AWS’s own best practices for security. Your backup can also be isolated from production, for added security against ransomware-type threats

6. Automated backup to AWS S3/S3 Glacier

Automate data backup to Amazon S3 or S3 Glacier/Deep Archive, meet compliances and avoid the cost of snapshot retention

7.Cloud agnostic

Veeam makes it simple and easy to backup, recover and migrate your instances, files, etc. across any environment, virtual or physical. Best of all: no extra charges!

8. Cost savings on backup

Enjoy significant savings on your AWS backup bill, without compromising on compliance or retention using Veeam to backup and recover your data. In addition, Veeam offers an industry first: backup cost calculation feature to help you forecast spend so you can avoid unexpected expenses

9. KMS Support

With the latest upgrade—Veeam Backup for AWS V4—system administrators can tighten their security and access control, i.e. over passwords and keys through by availing AWS Key Management Service (KMS) to encrypt backup data.

10. AMI Deployment

Veeam Backup for AWS offers easy installation using Amazon Machine Image (AMI) deployment. All you need to do is specify the AMI when launching instances. You can use the same AMI if you need the same configuration you can use a single AMI; Or specify specific ones if you need to launch instances with different configurations. It is also supported by RESTful API for easier automation and deployment as per your organization’s needs.

As a Veeam partner, Teleglobal is well positioned to help you leverage Veeam’s multiple features. Contact us for help in building a complete AWS backup and recovery strategy that meets your requirements, quickly and cost-effectively.

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