Teleglobal Backup Service - Easily the most complete and safe We provide acronis cloud backup services available!

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Teleglobal Backup Service - Easily the most complete and safe We provide acronis cloud backup services available!

Getting Businesses Back Up on their Feet—Swiftly and Securely

We provide acronis cloud backup services because everyone knows that their data is their most important asset, yet an astonishing percent of small and mid-size businesses take only perfunctory measures to protect themselves, inevitably paying the price for leaving their data susceptible to cyber threats, human errors, and natural disasters.

While backing up data on servers and devices on-premises has long been the go-to strategy for businesses, you need a more robust over-arching solution to deal competently with the rising threats of general malware, targeted cyber attacks, and the ever-present danger of natural disaster, not to mention human mistakes like accidental deletion or spilled coffee.

As Gold Level Resellers to Acronis one of the leading players in cloud backup, Teleglobal International provides you with a comprehensive, simple, and cost-effective solution for your data backup and recovery.

Recovery is a necessary component, a quick recovery SLA differentiates Acronis from other commodity level service providers, so you’re not at the mercy of your cloud provider to get back your data quickly. Teleglobal helps you put a quick recovery plan in place, this can mean tens of thousands of dollars saved in the event of catastrophes. Not only do you have the assurance that your data is securely backed up, you also have the peace of mind that comes with RTO/RPA SLAs that correspond to operational requirements.

With TG, your data protection is in the safest of hands—your own!

Leverage the power of Teleglobal Acronis BaaS to create a complete and reliable backup solution tailored to your needs. So you can back up data from absolutely any source and recover them to the destination and system of your choosing. What’s more, Teleglobal BaaS per-use model comes with NO entry costs, enabling you to keep your costs low and grow faster in a secure environment.

Be Safe, with Teleglobal Backup

Teleglobal enables you to create backups on your premises and in the cloud, so you enjoy complete protection. You also have the advantages of being able to:

  • Backup and recover only the files and folders you consider important or get full system protection using total disk imaging
  • Backup for data from any source and OS—Windows, Linux, Mac, PCs, Servers, and mobile devices
  • Restore data to the same or different hardware
  • Restore directly from the cloud
  • High granular recovery rates
  • Create unlimited groups and accounts so your backup scales up as your business grows
  • Keep track of your data backup service for each office/department using user-friendly policies
  • Control employee access based on each one’s roles and areas of responsibility
  • Manage data remotely and centrally using our web-based management portal

Like many businesses, you may have transitioned to disc or flash storage solutions but do you have the off-site backup you need to protect against Mother Nature and cyber threats?

Start protecting your data today with one of the strongest, safest, most cost-effective acronis cloud backup services in the world.


The Acronis backup solution saves an image file for recovery when needed. You can also copy and move your entire HDD contents using the Disk Clone tool. This is the ideal tool for migrating to a bigger HD or a new machine.

If you’re looking for free disk cloning software for Windows, you can try Acronis AOMEI. It allows you to clone from one disk or partition to another disk or partition. Clone Mac comes highly recommended for Max. You can use it to create a clone image of your Mac system and restore it to any other Mac. Back in Time for Linux is an open-source utility for Linux OS. Back In Time supports clone files, folders, and systems in Linux.

Yes, all editions—of Acronis True Image 2019 standard, advanced, and premium—support Win-dows 10.

Cloning supports quick recovery, but with imaging, you get more options. For instance, an incremental backup snapshot lets you save multiple images in lesser space…is ideal if you happen to need to roll back to an earlier version of your disk image.

That’s tough to answer as this is not a one-size-fits-all situation. It depends on your business requirements, budgets, speed need, etc. Overall, Acronis True Image ranks among the best available, not only is it possibly the most powerful on-line backup, it also includes antivirus and ransomware protection. Other solutions include Veeam, IDrive, Backblaze, and Carbonite Safe. But be sure to read the fine print so you don’t end up paying for something you may not really require.

Teleglobal-Acronis: Covering all your data backup and recovery needs.

Acronis Backup

Personal Backup

Windows, Mac, IOS or Android, get all you important data backed up and ready to fast recovery in the event of any mishap. Back up to the cloud or locally, or both, you have complete freedom of choice. You will also get in-built protection from malware.

Acronis Backup

Acronis Cyber Cloud

One solution for access to backup, recovery and safety from malware, ransomware. You also get access to file sync and share features, blockchain file notarization and e-signature—from one sin-gle console.

Acronis Backup

Virtual2Physical Backup

Keeping pace with licenses, updates, and space management can eat into your time in a big way. Teleglobal caters to your need with sophisticated Virtual-to-Physical backup options that match the most demanding and complex IT environments.

Acronis Backup

Acronis Backup as a Service

Get the tools and features you need to protect your devices across every location with back up to storage option of your choice and recovery whenever and wherever you need it.

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