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AWS Cloud Services | Amazon Web Service Provider

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services is a collection of cloud computing services offered by the tech giant Amazon. AWS Services includes a set of computing resources for large-scale, decentralized deployment of cloud, offering many flexible functions and scalability along with ample storage solutions. Irrespective of industry, the AWS platform offers you to store content in the cloud. Our AWS experts at Teleglobal International build a static website, design web applications, run data and compute-intensive workloads by building dependable backup solutions that are feasible for your business capital. Teleglobal International tackles the powers of Amazon Web services to build a unique offering that integrates scalability and the rising potential of Amazon’s robust cloud platform. Our global client base includes large enterprises and start-ups to use the services of AWS to host their web and applications. Our services lead from being staging to data processing and warehousing, storage, archive.

Currently, Amazon web services provide a reliable, scalable, robust cloud infrastructure that powers businesses in over 190 countries around the world. Thinking of availing Cloud services for your business? You’ve landed in the right place. The expert team of Teleglobal International helps a business to move on the cloud, starting from consulting to migration and managed the entire business operations.

AWS Products & Services

Amazon Web Services

AWS Consulting

Teleglobal International offers AWS cloud services, cloud managed services to businesses worldwide. Our years of hands-on experience in the AWS cloud, we have developed and deployed many business applications. Our experts in Amazon Web Services can assist you to design and deploy scalable cloud solutions provided by the AWS platform.

Amazon Web Services

Cloud Migration

Teleglobal Infrastructure provides cloud migration services in collaboration with Amazon. Our offering of migration uses proven methodologies and techniques for lossless data transfer. We help businesses to move their applications to the AWS cloud by reducing their costs on IT infrastructure, business process optimization and much more.

Amazon Web Services

Backup & Restore

With an exponential growth in business data, the process of data backup is complex. While the cloud offers better scalability, Teleglobal International integrates business-centric backup solutions and the most reliable data restoration at the AWS platform.

Amazon Web Services

Performance Optimization

Our cloud consultants know about adversely the cloud systems can affect the business operations without cloud performance optimization on AWS Cloud. We help optimize your business operations without compromising load balancing and server capacity.

Amazon Web Services

Managed AWS Services

Managed AWS services include cloud monitoring, 24x7 maintenance support by our experienced administrators. Our cloud experts are highly efficient with the AWS platform and provide extended support where AWS support ends.

Amazon Web Services

Data Archival

AWS cloud services provide exclusive data archival processes at low-cost. You can choose Amazon Glacier or Simple Storage Service (S3) for fast data storage. We offer data archival solutions to our customers by understanding the business criticality.

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