AWS Cloud Consulting Services

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AWS Cloud Consulting Services

AWS Cloud Consulting Services

Cloud technology has been one of the biggest drivers of digital transformation over the last decade. It has completely revolutionized the way business applications and IT infrastructures are designed, developed, and managed.

Cloud technology offers the implementation of an infrastructure-on-demand approach and supports the endless integration of new technologies. Not only does it offer you the next level of flexibility, but it also enables innovation, unparalleled resources and improves economies of scale. The cloud technology has the potential to take your business to the next level with its features which boosts productivity and provides improved scalability along with reduced operational costs.

Being an AWS Consulting Partner, we have the capability to build, deploy, and manage cloud architectures on AWS. Our AWS Cloud consulting services have a long track record of successful cloud application development projects, infrastructure migrations with a base of more than a hundred clients.

The cloud experts at Teleglobal International SRO understand the goals of your business and deliver cutting edge solutions that align with your operations through detailed assessment and planned modules. Our AWS consulting services include proven methodologies that help us understand your business requirements so as to transform them in terms of Cloud computing services.

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Our AWS Cloud Services

AWS Cloud Consulting Services

Amazon EC2

We are specialized in creating virtual servers and upscale/downscale the instances as per the demand of your business operations.

AWS Cloud Consulting Services

Amazon VPC

The Virtual Private Cloud provided by AWS lets you launch all the AWS resources in a virtual network that you define as per your requirement.

AWS Cloud Consulting Services

Amazon s3

The Simple Storage Service (S3) by Amazon which facilitates the cloud storage space various types of web development applications.

AWS Cloud Consulting Services

Amazon Glacier

Teleglobal International SRO is an expert in integrating the Amazon Glacier so that you can save your data which is not frequently accessed to archival storage. This saves storage costs.

AWS Cloud Consulting Services

Amazon Elasticache

Our cloud professionals know the value of caching the applications to provide high-end performance to the cloud.

AWS Cloud Consulting Services

Amazon RDS

A reliable, cost-efficient and resizable capacity Relational Database System(RDS) provided by Amazon manages the business transactions effectively.

AWS Cloud Consulting Services

Amazon Route 53

Manage your DNS records, hosted zones and queries in an easy way with Amazon Route 53.

AWS Cloud Consulting Services

Amazon CloudFront

Teleglobal International SRO’s expertise Amazon CloudFront CDN speeds up distribution of various types of web content such as images, videos, APIs to your users globally in minimal time.

AWS Cloud Consulting Services

Amazon SES

We manage the marketing and promotional emails for your business with a lower bounce rate. Now receive emails from users with Amazon SES.

AWS Cloud Consulting Services

Amazon OpsWorks

Amazon OpsWorks manages infrastructure deployment for cloud administrators to add new servers to within minutes.

AWS Cloud Consulting Services

Amazon SQS

With our AWS consulting services, manage the large volumes of data efficiently by Amazon SQS.

AWS Cloud Consulting Services

Amazon SNS

With Amazon SNS, you can send notifications to bulk users at a very low cost.

Our Solutions

Our AWS Cloud solutions

AWS Cloud Consulting Services

Managed AWS operations

Our professionals at Teleglobal International manages your cloud workloads and databases round-the-clock to keep your business running all the time.

AWS Cloud Consulting Services

Migrating to AWS

Migrate to AWS Cloud to experience a world of endless opportunities for your business. Our Cloud experts will assess your current infrastructure and guide you on a smooth transition to AWS.

AWS Cloud Consulting Services

Enterprise Data Platform

AWS Enterprise Data Platform is an end-to-end solution that is customizable and helps you maintain control of your business data assets while getting you the results faster.

AWS Cloud Consulting Services

AWS Strategy & Consulting

With our AWS consulting services, our cloud experts prepare a robust strategy based on proven methodologies after assessing your business. We create a roadmap to leverage the power of the Cloud.

AWS Cloud Consulting Services

Big Data

Integrating Big Data with your AWS Cloud can lead to unmatched results for your business strategy and operations. We provide this integration with your existing Cloud infrastructure.

AWS Cloud Consulting Services

Automation & Optimization

Speed up your adoption of the latest technology by leveraging on AWS solutions to automate the business processes. It can turn your business towards a greater value.

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