AWS migration and consolidation to raise efficiencies and lower cloud costs

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AWS migration and consolidation to raise efficiencies and lower cloud costs

The Client

Underwriting is a basic process that determines an applicant’s creditworthiness, I.e. whether he is a good prospect for a loan. Traditional underwriting processes are quite rigid, often excluding a significant proportion of otherwise creditworthy businesses. The client, an RBI certified NBFC caters to this underserved market using an innovative approach to determine a business’s creditworthiness. From a handful of locations, the business had grown its operations to cover cities across India and was on track to add more locations to its area of operations.


The Challenge

The NBFC was running its web applications on Azure, at the time; but they were not happy with the high cost of Azure’s billing methods and were keen to trim costs, even if meant moving workloads and apps to a more cost effective platform. The primary metric for success of the emigration was defined as a reduction in cloud costs as compared to the company’s current Azure billing. The client was keen to explore migration to AWS—one reason being that it was already running business-critical applications on AWS and it made sense to consolidate its entire IT on one platform, i.e. AWS.


The Solution

To address the need for consolidation of web application, we began by conducting a thorough study of the company’s current architecture on Azure. We held a number of discussions with the client’s team to understand priorities, and business related needs from the perspective of different departments. Drawing from our findings, we drew up a roadmap with milestones and dates. Then we designed a streamlined solution with an architecture that integrated the client’s existing web applications, followed by a migration of their windows based applications from Azure to AWS. The apps were then tested on AWS to ensure they were consolidated with the existing AWS applications.

A proof of concept phase ensured the entire application—build with best architecture practices—hit all the right notes

Once the migration was completed, we conducted one more dry run to test the applications from end to end.

When every feature was tested and determined to be performing as required, the AWS cloud went live.



Migration to AWS was not just successful but completed as per the roadmap timeline

20% lower cloud billing

Higher efficiencies thanks to consolidation on AWS platform


Ongoing Developments

With the success of the migration, the client has engaged Teleglobal to also provide managed services, and, as a separate project, optimize the client’s DB as well.


As a partner to Azure as well as an Advanced Partner to AWS, Teleglobal is uniquely positioned to create architectures that maximize opportunities for cross platform migrations. For more details on how you can benefit, contact our team through our contact page or through the link below.’

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