Azure Cloud Consulting Services

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Azure Cloud Consulting Services

Azure Cloud Consulting Services

With its ubiquity, flexibility, affordability, and security, the Cloud has completely changed business for many. It enables shared resources and allows employees to work together on documents without using the same devices—or even being in the same time zone. Collaboration has never been easier or more secure.

The advantages for businesses are significant—savings on technology (both software and hardware) investments, training, travel, and even real estate. The only cost to businesses is a small monthly charge for using the cloud. Welcome to the new normal of doing business.

Why Azure?

In terms of effectiveness as well as cost, Azure has proven to be one of the most effective cloud platforms available for hosting data, developing applications, and managing them. It offers everything a business needs: the Microsoft Cloud operating system, SQL Azure to run databases in the cloud, and services for developing and running various applications. Not only are your data and applications accessible from anywhere at any time, but they are also far more secure than they would be in a traditional IT setup, thanks to Azure’s enormous investment in continuous innovation and advances in security. In addition to storage, compute and networking services, Azure’s growing menu of offerings includes:

  • Server-less computing
  • IoT
  • Mobile app development and hosting
  • Ability to develop & host hybrid cloud applications
  • Dynamics & Sharepoint & Office 365 on SaaS basis
  • E-commerce solutions
  • Big data
  • BI & Analytics, AI & ML solutions
  • Data Backup and Recovery
  • And pretty much any area of computing you can think about.

Use the best of the cloud to become the best version of you.

Azure, along with AWS and GCP, is a great example of Cloud efficiency. Not only will you be saving on the tech you would normally have to buy upfront, you now only need to pay for what you actually use, and the time you use it for. This is great news not just for small businesses but even enterprises whose cost per resource swells with each new hire. Cloud’s flexibility simply smoothens the path to growth. But while Azure gives you a menu of more than a hundred diverse products and services to use, the variety and volume itself can be daunting, even to established businesses. And it’s just as complex with AWS and GCP. Thus the easiest and most cost-effective way to navigate this cloud ecosystem is by using a certified Azure cloud consulting services provider.

Teleglobal Azure Cloud Advisory: Your Guide to Growth Via the Cloud

Using consultants like Teleglobal’s Azure Cloud Advisory Services offers a tried, tested, and cost-effective route to a cloud setup tailored to your particular requirements. With our certified Azure specialized engineers, cloud architects, and consultants, you can safely embark on your digital transformation journey to the cloud. The hands-on guidance and strategic advice our consultants provide will help you enhance productivity, improve profitability, and promote long-term growth.

Teleglobal Migration Services: Enabling seamless transitions to the cloud

One of the most critical factors for a business is continuity, moving to the cloud can thus lead to concerns about downtime. We have successfully addressed this through our framework and migration methodology that minimizes time-to-transition and ensures the migration of your business assets on-time and within budget.

IT Audit

We begin with a complete audit of your IT setup and compile a detailed report comprising a breakdown of your IT, potential for improvement through migration, the recommended migration process, and time and money cost.

Customized Design

Our cloud engineers, in collaboration with your team, then design the ideal Cloud infrastructure for your data. The design seeks to answer your business requirements and challenges. It basically aligns your business’s IT to your business strategy.

Planning the Migration

We will present you with a detailed action plan that includes all the tasks to be completed before migration. Our consultants and engineers will also lend a hand in finishing the tasks in preparation for migration. Finally, we will conduct a series of tests to ensure factors like application upgrades, correct configuration of Cloud infra, etc.

Moving to the Cloud

When all our tests have been successfully carried out and return the ideal results, the final migration takes place. Not only will your migration to Azure be on time and within the budget, but you can also be assured that disruption to your operations will be at a minimum.

Teleglobal International Cloud Consulting and Advisory services help you gain a deeper understanding of Azure and give you the computing muscle and flexibility to extend your IT as you grow. In other words, as you grow you can also extend your IT to take advantage of new business opportunities, using the range of features Azure offers, from computing and storage to database and analytics, with Microsoft Azure behind you, the sky is the limit.

Why Choose Azure Cloud Services?

We offer the implementation of consumer-centric web and mobile applications for the Azure Cloud. Our Azure Cloud Services is especially based on the enterprises requiring complex and highly performant software applications to make scalable business processes and effective costing.

Our Benefits

Benefits of our Azure Consulting Services

Azure Cloud Consulting Services


Microsoft Azure Cloud Services is highly popular among enterprise businesses for its benefits of flexibility in being able to design, deploy, and manage all the applications. That's too easy & quick!

Azure Cloud Consulting Services


It doesn’t matter how your business grows. Microsoft Azure cloud is always ready to scale-up and scale-down as per your requirements. Our consulting services will make it easy for your business to grow.

Azure Cloud Consulting Services


With our consulting services, we build a secure and robust cloud infrastructure to keep your business data safe and unadulterated.

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