Azure Disaster Recovery Services

Protect Your IT Infrastructure With Azure Disaster Recovery

Azure Disaster Recovery Services

Azure Disaster Recovery Services

Disasters put IT infrastructures at great risk as to a high number of processes and business operations have dependencies on such networks. With rapid increase in businesses across the globe, Microsoft Azure is becoming highly popular among multinational companies on an account of a wide range of features such as Storage, Networking, Security and Scalability options it offers.

Growing businesses leads to remote site locations, complex data environments, and inclusive cloud infrastructures. All these complications make Disaster Recovery (DR) more challenging.

Being a Microsoft Gold Partner, Teleglobal International helps modern business enterprises to assess, plan and transition from a traditional DR to a specialized, more effective and flexible Disaster Recovery approach. Our Disaster Recovery plan and strategy prioritizes your application recovery and achieves almost zero data loss.

By leveraging on Azure Recovery Services provided by Teleglobal International, Enterprises and Small businesses can efficiently get ahead with a complete disaster recovery solution in the cloud.

Our Expertise

Teleglobal International provides specialized solutions that enables our clients to meet their requirements for disaster recovery and business continuity strategies, as well as achieve maximum internal compliance.

Our Benefits

Benefits of our Azure Disaster Recovery Strategies

Azure Disaster Recovery Services

Hassle-free Deployment

Our recovery plans include easy deploying of Site Recovery through VM release in a different Azure Region. This avoids the complexity with respect to deployment and maintaining DR infrastructure.

Azure Disaster Recovery Services

Low Infrastructure Costs

We completely eliminate the use of expensive secondary data center which reduces the cost of deployment, operating and maintenance of a DR infrastructure. This reduces the burden of costs upon business enterprise whenever a disaster happens.

Azure Disaster Recovery Services

Uninterrupted Health Monitoring

The health of the complete recovery process is continuously monitored by our expert professionals. Even when the replicating process is in progress, the data remains encrypted and untouched.

Azure Disaster Recovery Services

Minimal Downtime & Dependable Recovery

Our Recovery plans ensures dependable data recovery with minimum downtime. We comply with the ISO 27001 regulations to provide off-shore Site recovery on Azure locations.

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