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Enhancing Infrastructure for Farmgate with Teleglobal's AWS Expertise

Enhancing Infrastructure for Farmgate with Teleglobal’s AWS Expertise 

Enhancing Infrastructure for Farmgate with Teleglobal's AWS Expertise

Company Overview: Farmgate is a full-service agriculture technology company based in India, offering innovative and sustainable solutions designed to accelerate farm incomes. Their comprehensive services range from project planning and turn-key implementation to support in value delivery and finding additional markets for agricultural commodities. Farmgate’s focus on tailor-made, result-driven solutions with a growth and sustainability mindset has led to the development of the world’s largest digital platforms for spot trading in agriculture. Their ongoing work includes end-to-end services for agricultural trade platform.0s, covering farm credit, insurance, primary processing, quality assaying, and logistics, ultimately aiming to reduce redundant layers in the agri-value chain and provide better prices for buyers and sellers.

Problem Statement: As Farmgate expanded its services, the need for a robust, scalable, and secure IT infrastructure became imperative. The company required a comprehensive AWS infrastructure to support a new business application aimed at enhancing their digital platform. The project scope included the creation of a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), EC2 instances, RDS, S3 buckets, application load balancers, and various security configurations. Farmgate sought Teleglobal, an advanced AWS partner, to assist with this extensive deployment, aiming to improve efficiency, ensure data security, and support future growth.

Architecture Overview: Teleglobal designed and implemented a comprehensive AWS infrastructure for Farmgate, addressing their specific needs. The architecture included the following components:

  1. VPC and Networking:
    • Creation of a new VPC tailored to Farmgate’s requirements.
    • Network configurations to ensure secure and efficient communication within the VPC.
  2. EC2 Instances and Storage:
    • Selection and recommendation of EC2 instances based on application needs.
    • Configuration and partitioning of EBS volumes.
    • Implementation of a server backup policy using Lifecycle Manager.
  3. Database Management:
    • Creation of an RDS instance in a private subnet within the VPC.
    • Configuration of subnet and parameter groups.
    • Enabling Performance Insights for RDS.
    • Establishing connections between RDS and EC2 instances.
  4. Storage and Load Balancing:
    • Creation of S3 buckets with lifecycle policies.
    • Configuration of application load balancers.
    • Implementation of auto-scaling for EC2 servers.
  5. Security and Monitoring:
    • Configuration of ACM certificates for secure connections.
    • Deployment of applications on Beanstalk.
    • Integration of Git repositories with server instances.
    • Analysis and preventive measures against security attacks.
    • Configuration of WAF and CloudWatch logs.
    • Setting up IAM users and policies with least privilege access.
    • Configuration of site-to-site connections via Virtual Private Gateway and Customer Gateway.
    • Implementation of Data Migration Service for migrating on-premises data to AWS RDS for MySQL.

Challenges Faced: Farmgate encountered several challenges in their previous infrastructure:

  • Scalability Issues: Their existing setup couldn’t efficiently handle growing data and user loads.
  • Security Concerns: Ensuring data security and compliance with industry standards was difficult.
  • Complex Management: The management and maintenance of disparate systems were time-consuming and error-prone.
  • Inefficient Resource Utilization: Existing resources were either over-provisioned or underutilized, leading to cost inefficiencies.

Outcome/Conclusion: By partnering with Teleglobal, Farmgate successfully deployed a robust and scalable AWS infrastructure. The benefits realized include:

  • Enhanced Scalability: The new infrastructure easily handles increased data loads and user traffic, supporting Farmgate’s growth.
  • Improved Security: Comprehensive security measures and monitoring ensure data protection and compliance.
  • Efficient Management: Centralized management of resources simplifies maintenance and reduces operational overhead.
  • Cost Optimization: Optimized resource utilization leads to significant cost savings.

The collaboration with Teleglobal has enabled Farmgate to streamline their operations, enhance service delivery, and position themselves for future growth. The successful deployment of their business application on AWS marks a significant milestone in their digital transformation journey, ensuring they remain at the forefront of agricultural technology innovation.

Architecture Diagram:

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