Cloud Migration Services

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Cloud Migration Services

Azure & AWS Cloud Migration Service: The scalable, secure, pocket-friendly route to uninterrupted growth.

Moving to the cloud should bring manifold benefits to your business, including higher security benchmarks, scalability—up or down, systems integration, accessibility from anywhere, anytime, and, not least, cost-savings.

If this is not your experience, something has gone wrong.

Teleglobal can help.

We specialize in making cloud migrations services for businesses as quick and easy as possible. As partners to leading cloud providers, AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, among others, we have the technical expertise and familiarity with the services and features each one offers to help you reap all the advantages a cloud environment offers.

Migrating to the new normal

As the world copes with the new business needs induced by the Covid-19 pandemic, it becomes increasingly critical for businesses to be able to maintain continuity of services, despite remote working norms, pressure on bottom lines, and demands for quicker-to-market deliveries.

With our comprehensive menu of cloud migration services, across consulting, implementation, advisory, and management, we can help you deploy the best cloud model for your needs—public, private, or hybrid—swiftly and securely.

Teleglobal Expertise

Cloud Migration Consulting

No matter if you need to switch from a traditional IT setup to the cloud, from one cloud to another, or from public to private or hybrid, we have tried and tested strategies to facilitate the transition of your applications, data, and other systems and process elements. Teleglobal International can help you pick your way through the variety of cloud providers, service, and deployment models to seamlessly meet your IT needs, be it availability, storage, network, software, or infrastructure.

AWS Cloud Migration

Start your Cloud Migration journey with AWS Cloud Migration Service. As longstanding AWS partners with across-industry cloud experience, we are well-positioned to help almost any size, scale, or segment of the business, painlessly move databases, applications, and services from any environment—on-prem or another cloud to AWS.

TeleGlobal is the Best AWS Cloud Migration Service Provider in the industry. The most developed migration method for easy migration to AWS and quicker business results. We have the expertise to facilitate the migration of large-scale data sets and servers, oversee automation, schedule, integrate systems, and set up processes for standard backup and recovery.

Azure Cloud Migration

From conducting IT audits to making feasibility to implementing a migration to Microsoft Azure, Teleglobal has the expertise to migrate data, applications, following global best practices for security, regulatory compliance.

Cloud Application Support

Business continuity depends on your business processes being able to run without disruptions, Teleglobal has the expertise to handle the complexities involved on both a business and technology level, so we can fix issues related to the application, system, or incidents that may interrupt services you depend upon. Our understanding of diverse industry categories, coupled with diagnostic and communication skills assures near-zero downtime, complete scalability and built-in security for all your applications be it obsolete or mission-critical.

Disaster Recovery

Teleglobal’s cloud-based services for disaster recovery covers application services, servers, and virtual machines… in effect any instance that is needed in cloud migration services to ensure the smooth running of IT systems and business continuity. Teleglobals BCP professionals assure hassle-free running of applications and software ecosystems with minimal recovery time. Our proven database mirroring strategies ensure total recovery-consistency. Count on us for expertise in all recovery solutions be it turnkey or self-service.

Teleglobal Cloud Migration Consultancy: Fulfilling Digital Transformation Aspirations

From defining the best strategy to achieve your digital transformation objectives to building a roadmap with the ideal workflow model, our experts will work hand-in-hand with your organization to effect a secure, seamless, and systematic migration.

Why Teleglobal?

  • Proven Cloud Strategy
  • Industry-Specific Solutions
  • 24x7x365 Assistance
  • Quick Project Delivery
  • Customizable Engagement Models

Need a smooth, cost-effective transition to cloud computing?

AWS Cloud Migration Service is a great place to start your cloud migration experience. The most advanced migration technique for a simple move to AWS and faster business results. TeleGlobal is the best AWS Cloud Migration Service Provider in the industry. Schedule an appointment by completing this short form below, and our Cloud Migration Consultants will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Cloud Migration Services

Cloud Migration Services

Easier Scaling

Cloud Migration Services

Automatic updates to the software

Cloud Migration Services

Increase in accessibility

Cloud Migration Services

Reduction in infrastructure complexity

Cloud Migration Services

Better documentation access controls


Teleglobal will conduct a cloud audit to understand whether your infrastructure is aligned with your needs. We can help you create the ideal cloud ecosystem for your needs, and ensure it fits your process/system needs while meeting your business goals, cost-effectively

Teleglobal provides managed services for cloud migration delivered by professionals highly proficient in cloud technologies of the leading providers, viz. AWS, Azure, Google Cloud.

That's a tough one. Migration project costs depend on factors like project scope, technologies, as well as the engagement model, man-hours estimated, and your own business goals. However, we are very flexible in our engagement models, assuring cost-effectiveness and satisfaction without compromising on quality.

Projects can be completed in a few weeks or last a few months. It all depends on factors like data complexity, legacy applications, and workloads.

Teleglobal provides a full basket of managed cloud migration services under which we assume full responsibility for maintenance and upkeep after the migration. We also offer support on individual cases as needed.

Indeed, yes. Teleglobal's migration experts routinely work alongside our client's own teams.

Our Benefits

Benefits of our Cloud Migration Services

Cloud Migration Services

Infrastructure Migration

Beyond mimicking your existing infrastructure in the cloud, Teleglobal will audit the components of your current infrastructure and recommend the best solution. We will identify the best technologies for your needs, plan and build the ideal cloud infrastructure—agile, elastic and secure.

Cloud Migration Services

Data Migration

There is more to data migration that merely moving your data to another destination. Without a proper plan, the right migration tools, and familiarity with global best practices, you could be court-ing extended downtime, or worse, corrupted data that could cause errors and crashes. With innu-merable successful migrations under our belt, Teleglobal understands the pitfalls involved and how to avoid them, so your database migration is risk free and smooth.

Cloud Migration Services

Platform Migration

Secure your business from any possible loss of data during migration. We will assess and plan the entire migration process, this includes software tasks and tools needed to ensure your move to your new platform smooth and painless.

Cloud Migration Services

Application Migration

Choose to move your web apps to your new cloud environment, be it public, private or hybrid in a way that reduces turnaround time, errors and costs, while unlocking new revenue potential. Choose Teleglobal. Our tools, practices and experience assure a smooth, streamlined and secure migration.

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