Disaster Recovery Services and Management

Cloud Based Disaster Recovery Services and Management

Disaster Recovery Services and Management

Disaster Recovery Services

When it comes to securing your data and applications, it’s not just about the backup. Being able to rapidly recover your key instances and applications is just as important. Because for every second you’re down, you’re losing business!

Teleglobal International SRO provides disaster recovery services that are designed to help companies to replicate critical servers and applications to the cloud so that it can protect the applications and data, and get retrieved when needed the most. Our disaster recovery management techniques have quicker Recovery Time Objective(RTO) technologies that can get your business back on track almost instantly.

Our Benefits

Benefits of our Disaster Recovery Services and Management

Disaster Recovery Services

Flexible Contract Terms

With Teleglobal International SRO, we have monthly and yearly contract terms. Every contract includes multiple volume discounts that depend on the number of instances that businesses like to replicate concurrently.

Disaster Recovery Services

TCO Reduction

When it comes to Disaster Recovery with AWS, it keeps business data in synchronization using lightweight compute and storage. AWS helps you pay only for the completely provisioned recovery environment in an actual disaster, which significantly reduces your TCO.

Disaster Recovery Services

Automated IT Resilience Solution

The Disaster Recovery process by Teleglobal International SRO is an automated process, which helps you recover your current application or your working environment from unexpected outages, ransomware attacks or any other undesired events.

Disaster Recovery Services

Quickest Recovery

Our recovery mechanisms are committed to providing you fast recovery of your cloud so that your business can get back on track.

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