Five Reasons to Choose Veeam for your Data Backup and Recovery

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As businesses grow so do the platforms and applications running within their environments, this, in turn, increases the complexity facing businesses coping with building and maintaining adequate, robust, and secure storage. One solution that stands out for its ability to protect your data from issues like ransomware and cyber attackers while ensuring instant availability is Veeam Data Backup & Recovery.

And for 5 very good reasons.

1) Number 1 by Design

Gartner, in their October 2019 Magic Quadrant for Data Center Backup and Recovery, ranks Veeam at the top, for many reasons including cloud data backup and hybrid-cloud backup capabilities, Veeam’s comprehensive network of partners, and system integrators, ease-of-use, and simple deployment process.

Veeam’s intuitive and user-friendly console is designed to enable quick and flexible backups and recovery and replication of all your applications and data wherever they may be deployed—virtual or physical.

2) The All-In-One Backup Solution

When you get Veeam, you get a host of capabilities, starting with high availability for your workloads no matter which environment they may be running in—on-premises or in the cloud. You also get the muscle to plan, test, set up, and strategize Data Replication to meet your business targets and budgets. Simply put, not only can you back up and recover to and from the cloud cost-effectively, and you can also pre-emptively run virtual testing to ensure your data security and recoverability are compliant with your Service Level Agreements.

In the event of one of your primary VMs failing, with Veeam accelerated disaster recovery and instant mass restore, you have the tools to snapshot and spin up VM backups almost instantaneously, avoiding or minimizing downtime.

Finally, Veeam’s Explorer Suite further extends the capabilities of Veeam Backup and Replication, allowing you to restore specific files, email, and other database transactions (covering, among others: Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, SQL Server, Storage Snapshots, and Oracle) without needing to spin out a VM or search through snapshots.

3) Flexible & Platform Agnostic

Veeam’s single management console is all you need to handle backup, recover and replicate any/all your data and apps. Veeam support covers cloud and physical workloads in any environment—public cloud, on-premises private cloud, managed cloud, and SaaS (including offerings from Veeam service provider partners, such as VMware, Azure & Azure Stack, Oracle, AWS, Windows, Office 365, Linux, and others).

In a mixed environment, where, for instance, clusters may reside on discrete environments such as VMware, AWS, or IBM Cloud, Veeam’s multi-platform support really stands out.

4) Flexible licensing for higher cost savings

As Veeam is platform agnostic, you are not bound by a profit-focused OEM’s T&C. Veeam’s streamlined licensing allows per-instance or per-socket cover.

Per-instance can reduce costs in cases where you only need to protect specific workloads, templates, or VM snapshots.

Per-socket licensing is done by CPU socket, making it optimal for smaller data centers. As it only applies to source hosts, you avoid paying additional costs for your target destinations, saving money when using converged or scale-out storage.

In addition, Veeam offers a choice of licensing modes: subscription, rental (specific time periods), or permanent. Need to protect workloads for different-but-connected organizations? You can opt for the community-free edition. It offers protection for up to 10 workloads.

5) Continuous Innovation

Veeam has built a stellar reputation as a pioneer and industry leader, with its consistent record for first-to-market features and support. For instance, Veeam’s latest release, in late 2019, provides around 150 new features/enhancements. Veeam also extends support for NAS devices in mixed environments—this was not the case earlier. Now it also supports NAS with an in-built Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC). Veeam’s next-gen Instant Recovery Engine enables mass-instant-restore further speeding up Disaster Recovery (DR). Customers using MS SQL servers don’t even need to make manual copies of their SQL logs, Veeam’s offsite SQL log processing does it for you, providing intelligent backup copies.

Not sure if your organization’s backup and disaster recovery infra are up to speed? Teleglobal can help. As long-time partners to Veeam, as well as other industry leaders, we have the skills and experience to help you keep your data safe from any eventuality.

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