GCS Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery with Google Cloud Storage

GCS Disaster Recovery

GCS Disaster Recovery

Reliable backup and fast recovery are of the utmost importance to modern businesses. According to the research of the Enterprise Strategy Group, 53% of enterprises can tolerate less than an hour of downtime, before they suffer a significant loss of revenue or other adverse effects on the business. When it comes to server failures, 80% of enterprises take more than one hour to recover and 25 % of them take more than two hours to recover. In businesses, every second count and every second lost is a loss to the company's revenue. Teleglobal International provides Google Cloud Storage Disaster Recovery services to its esteemed clients to ensure business continuity and unmatched productivity. The backup solutions provided by us are managed by the methodologies of expert GCS backup specialists. This means you will have a robust backup of all of your enterprise business data and archives! Google Cloud Storage backup solutions by Teleglobal International are specially designed for your enterprise requirements and provide both cloud and Local backups of your business statistics.

How is Google Cloud Faster?

GCS Disaster Recovery

Lightning Fast Speed

Generally, Computing Engine boost in the range of 40-50 seconds, roughly 1/5 of the time required by other clouds. Google Cloud is extremely quick and estimated in seconds, not hours.

GCS Disaster Recovery

24x7 Availability

With high throughput, Google Cloud delivers fast restoration of data, while other clouds take up to 4-5 hours for the same. Due to its global presence, Google Cloud provides high responsiveness and low latency.

GCS Disaster Recovery

High Scalability

The built-in load balancer of Google is a part of a worldwide distributed system, the same system that supports all other Google products. The storage space on GCS is highly scalable. Extra space can be added up within seconds.

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