Google Cloud Consulting Services

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Google Cloud Consulting Services

Google Cloud Consulting Services

We provide end-to-end consulting services and solutions for companies building critical cloud solutions using Google Cloud Platform(GCP). With our Google consulting services, we extend an endless opportunity of possibilities to manage, mine, analyze and utilize the cloud.

Being a Google Cloud Partner, you’ll be working hand in hand with our cloud consulting experts who help to build the Google Cloud infrastructure. GCP provides the fastest time to value, whether it’s GCP migration for the first time, providing round-the-clock management service environments, or leveraging for business value through automation and analytics.

Teleglobal International provides solutions that are based on proven methodologies and standards for a successful implementation of the cloud. Our expertise and processes can help you focus on your business operations, legacy systems, in-house expertise and achieve cloud objectives.

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Google Cloud Consulting Services

Application Development

The Google Cloud Platform allows you to do application development efficiently on a cloud, without requiring any IT infrastructure. You can choose any platform or any operating system to build business applications.

Google Cloud Consulting Services

Website Development

Website development gets easy with Google’s cloud. The Cloud offers exclusive services to developers to build high-end websites from scratch, web hosting and much more. GCP enables a robust platform to develop, test and deploy websites globally.

Google Cloud Consulting Services

Testing & Deployment

Testing and deployment of web applications are one of the crucial stages of development. These are the stages where the cloud platform needs to provide robustness and agility. Google is popular among cloud service providers to move the applications without any extra costs.

Google Cloud Consulting Services


High-end support and scalable infrastructure is a basic requirement of game development. Google Cloud Platform is one such scalable platform that supports the development and testing of such gaming requirements.

Google Cloud Consulting Services

Big Data

Business data is crucial for forecasting and strategy. Therefore, data archives of business years are required for developing a sustainable business unit. GCP proves to be the best cloud provider when it comes to analysis and collection of large amounts of data.

Google Cloud Consulting Services

Internet of Things

According to reports, it is said that the Internet of Things will support more than 180 billion connected devices and Google Cloud Platform will play a pivotal role in satisfying this huge demand.

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