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Learn how AWS can help your LMS deliver content to millions of users all across the world—simultaneously and cost-effectively.

AWS is revolutionizing the ways learning works, allowing students to access online trainings, and work towards their accreditations from one central portal. Students can tailor their own personalised curriculum and gain access to content libraries—audio, written and video.

What LMS Wants

The big challenges for Learning Management Systems center around the task of running instances across the world, 24×7. This includes the task of routing and syncing content accurately. And this requires a solution architecture that can accommodate thousands of users and enable them to quickly access the content they need, from wherever they may be.

AWS, with its suite of cloud services, allows LMS businesses to streamline and automate processes and deliver content at speed, at scale, and cost-effectively. All of which would not be possible with traditional on-premises data centers.

AWS’s technology platform enables organizations to build holistic data architectures that can maximise speed and content delivery to the end user and send intelligence about usage back to the organization. Traditional on-premises data centers would not be equal to the demands in terms of load and bandwidth. In addition, AWS’s approach of continuous innovation makes new solutions like Lambda and Cloudfront possible. Such solutions provide many new features, for instance Glue for ETL process and Elasticache for adaptive caching, that further ease the load.

In addition to building for scale, AWS delivers other advantages, such as load testing and managing large numbers of users. There are also very specific tools that allows users to manipulate data and perform various actions; all this while providing multiple levels of redundancy, resiliency and scaling.

Key AWS Features for LMS

AWS offers a range of tools that make it easier for organizations to achieve their goals. These tools provide the ability to be flexible in server management, flexible in cost and capacity, and finally flexible in global delivery of content.


S3, which works like an FTP, practically eliminates the chance of losing files, making the data stored highly redundant.


Combining  Cloudfront with S3 sends content out from cloudfront; this ensures security benefits such as generating one time URLs.

Cached Services

Cached services allows the organization to store regularly used data so it can be delivered quickly saving save time for the end user.

RDS: Hanging databases on RDS managed service frees organization of the need and hassles associated with maintenance of instances.

Benefits of Moving to AWS

  • Maximizing Users: AWS exponentially increases the number of end-users who can access the system at the same time, and from a variety of locations
  • All-round operational excellence: from running to monitoring systems, AWS helps streamline processes and procedures delivering significant business value.
  • Security: AWS provides all points security to your system information and data—at rest and in transit, and across all layers of the infrastructure. With dynamic tools designed to provide feedback on security gaps and flag any suspicious activity.
  • Resilience: AWS’s ability to run instances across multiple availability zones, in tandem or activated dynamically, while balancing system loads with optimum efficiency, ensures resiliency at all times.
  • Cost Effectiveness – Flexibility in billing methods, elastic billing, pay-as-you-go, etc. allows the organization to avoid or eliminate unnecessary costs. This includes the ability to activate of deactivate development & testing environments without needing on-premises servers for load replication.

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