How Startups Can Excel With AWS Managed Services

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Keeping Cloud Chaos Under Control

The cloud environment is simple and straightforward, said nobody ever. And for a growing startup, it is typically complex. There are multiple different AWS services to consider; architecture to manage, monitor, and optimize. As the business’s customer base grows and the production environment correspondingly scales, developers’ focus changes from innovating to managing infrastructure and cloud security. There are several factors to consider here: cloud costs can mount up, security come under attack, compromising service. Add to this a seemingly unending list of new AWS features being released daily. This is when the organization must seriously consider engaging with a cloud expert—a dedicated Managed Services Provider (MSP) who can step in and bring order to the chaos, freeing the startup’s team to focus on core business innovation.

Your Blueprint for Growth

While AWS has infinite growth potential. Every action doesn’t have to be out of the box. There are many proven, pre-built templates that are based on best practices, pre-baked deployment guidelines, and tried-and-tested configurations that startups can use, saving effort and precious resources. Teleglobal’s MSP team understands the inherent power of using these resources to get you quickly off the ground. We help organizations build blueprints for any component of their infrastructure specific to their needs This allows software development teams to autonomously create and ship code to production faster, without eschewing governance and transparency.

AWS provides comprehensive documentation; but, it can be a task to wade through it all. But with a blueprint, you can avoid the hassle, and instead a blueprint-based deployment to design and build an architecture that enables your AWS infrastructure to expand without needing to regularly reconfigure and manage individual parts.

Our Managed Service Provide experiences helping hundreds of AWS customers, have consistently proven that this is the most efficient way to manage AWS at scale. Our blueprint approach allows the startup’s teams to focus on what they know best: product development, winning new customers, and growing their business.

Staying Agile and Secure

Changing market conditions affect all businesses, but small businesses and start-ups get impacted the most. Hence the ability to adapt quickly to changing market conditions, product developments and increased customer demand are necessary for a startup to survive and thrive. And just as important: security. Security is a continuous affair. It involves constant monitoring and management. Security is proactive and pre-emptive. It’s just not ok to simply react. While agility is important, so is agility.

Here are some simple tips that startups can start with:
⦿ Create separate AWS accounts for every workload
⦿ Use AWS-native services like Security Hub to support centralized, multi-account monitoring and automated security responses.
⦿ Use a Landing Zone to quickly set up the correct account structures, establish security baselines, and configure networks.
⦿ Focus on DevOps, and Security best practices to build a ready-to-scale, highly secure, and compliant environment.
⦿ Finally engage with an expert—like a proven Cloud MSP—who has the knowledge, skill, and talent bench to create and deliver a robust actionable blueprint, as mentioned earlier.

Controlling Cloud Costs

Almost every resource in a cloud environment is going to cost you. It’s not a question of how to minimize the cost of paying for the resource, but how to get the most mileage out of every dollar spent on AWS. Managing costs is about changing your approach to cloud costs, viz. setting KPI-based goals and then tracking and optimizing the AWS activity to meet them.

Cost optimization has to become intrinsic to the organization. AWS MSPs put emphasis on making Financial Operations (FinOps) a part of the company’s DNA. This is a good way for startups to excel in their modern AWS operations.

Engage with Teleglobal Cloud Managed Services Providers Teleglobal MSP can provide key guidance to growing startups and businesses who want to scale their AWS environment securely, quickly, and at optimal cost. We provide the full complement of managed services and support to simplify and optimize your AWS cloud operations and cost.

Forget the hit-and-miss or trial-and-error approach of hiring in-house, or building your AWS environment from scratch. Leverage our expertise in the latest AWS best practices and tools, forward-thinking cloud security, and a KPI-based cost-optimization approach.

Contact Teleglobal MSP today, to explore ways to make the most of your AWS cloud.

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