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How we helped a leading financial institution boost speed-to-market and system efficiency through platform modernization

The Need

Our client, a large financial firm that provides the spectrum of financial services to businesses ranging from large enterprises to MSMEs, was looking to transform their existing platform in order to achieve high efficiency. The current platform had serious flaws that were hampering innovation efforts and slowing down the deployment of applications. The client was keen to transform their platform to achieve continuous delivery by improving agility and responsiveness in line with changing demands

Teleglobal’s Solution

In order to modernize the platform as per the client’s desired objectives, we set out to transform the existing platform into a 360-degree DevSecOps platform on the client’s AWS environment. The chief goal of the platform would be to deploy applications smoothly and quickly.

We took an agile approach to enable Continuous Integration-Continuous Deployment (CI-CD), in addition to risk monitoring and anomaly identification. It took our team just 6 months to complete the initial deployment of the platform, their key applications were onboarded during the next three months. Three months later the platform was proven and in a steady state.

Following this, Teleglobal provided continuous support, as well as recommendations for enhancements as and when needed to maintain a uniformly high level of performance.

Features of the new DevSecOps platform

  • Continuous Build-and-Integration: Bitbucket & Jenkins Master/Slave (Jenkins’ integration was accomplished using JFrog Artifactory & Amazon EKS)
  • Static Code Security: Checkmarx
  • Infrastructure as Code (IaC): Terraform
  • Amazon EKS with Kubernetes as a container orchestrator
  • Monitoring through Prometheus and Grafana



Better system security with total control of deployments

Significantly higher system efficiency with near-total elimination of manual intervention

Automated testing—dynamic and static

On-demand release of updates and new apps


Tech Stack Used

Amazon EKS




JFrog Artifactory




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