Hybrid Cloud Consulting Services

Enabling The Cost Effective Hybrid Cloud Journey With Right Strategy

Hybrid Cloud Consulting Services

Hybrid Cloud Consulting and management Services

Hybrid clouds are ideal for businesses with highly dynamic workloads, as well as for companies that handle big data. Companies can split workloads between private and public clouds to maximize efficiency, concentrating host-sensitive workloads on the private cloud and less specialized, more demanding projects on the public cloud.

Making the most of each of the public cloud and private cloud combinations to meet your business' needs. Depending on workloads' importance, demand, and security, you can shift workloads to different cloud solutions.

Teleglobal creates powerful cloud architectures that enable organizations to maximize the value of their investment in hybrid cloud solutions.

With our hybrid cloud services portfolio, we offer you migration and management support to ensure that you successfully execute the transition to hybrid cloud.

Benefits of Hybrid cloud:

  • Scalability: Organizations can scale their operations on an as-needed basis and avoid the capital expenditures, management requirements, and technical overhead associated with building or expanding on-prem data centers and utilise the public cloud scalability on demand.
  • Flexibility: Customers can explore different operational avenues and achieve efficient management of their databases and applications on account of the flexibility offered by the hybrid cloud.
  • Security: Hybrid cloud solutions give organizations greater flexibility when it comes to securing their data. Businesses can store their most sensitive data in on-premise data centers where it is difficult for malicious actors to attack.
  • Cost efficiency: Hybrid clouds enable greater cost efficiency from higher utilization rates for IT resources, lower costs, and more efficient IT spending.

Why teleGlobal?

  • AWS Advanced Consulting Partner
  • AWS Public Sector Partner
  • AWS DynamoDB competency
  • AWS Well Architected competency
  • Microsoft Azure Silver Partner
  • 20+ Certified cloud professionals
  • 300+ satisfied clients across the globe
  • Partnerships with Tier III & IV Data Centers across Globe
  • ISO 27001 :2013, ISO 27018:2019 ,ISO 9001:2015 , AICPA SOC 2
  • Multinational presence India , Europe, New York

Our Hybrid cloud expertise

Hybrid Cloud Consulting Services


Our professionals at Teleglobal International manages your cloud workloads and databases round-the-clock to keep your business running all the time.

Hybrid Cloud Consulting Services


Migrate to Hybrid Cloud to experience a world of endless opportunities for your business. Our hybrid Cloud experts will assess your current infrastructure and guide you on a smooth transition to Hybrid environment.

Hybrid Cloud Consulting Services


With our Hybrid Cloud consulting services, our cloud experts prepare a robust strategy based on proven methodologies after assessing your business. We create a roadmap to leverage the power of the Hybrid Cloud.

Hybrid Cloud Consulting Services


Speed up your adoption of the latest technology by leveraging on Hybrid cloud to automate the business processes. It can turn your business towards a greater value.

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