AWS Serverless

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Serverless architecture frees organizations from routine infrastructure management and allows developers to focus on creating code and businesses to focus on meeting strategic goals.

By abstracting infrastructure  and application development lifecycles, they provide a simplified environment for application development.

AWS leads the race in Serverless with their Serverless platform that pools AWS services to provide end-to-end application development environment allowing developers to build and run applications without the routine management tasks associated with servers. This means businesses using AWS Serverless service now enjoy the following benefits:

  • Enhanced IT agility
  • With no need to spend time and effort in management and configuration of infrastructure, developers are free to focus on core tasks like writing code, building application logic, etc.
  • Eliminates time and effort expended in administration and provisioning of IT resources.
  • Reduces time-to-market and turnaround times when launching new products or updating existing applications with new features.
  • Enables cost optimization through flexible cost models that allow organizations to access IT resources using the operational expenditure (OpEx) approach.

Enhancing Value

With no demands in terms of operating, managing, or scaling IT infrastructure, organizations that opt for AWS Serverless see across the board value, viz: productivity, agility, resilience, and cost saving.

Staff Productivity

By eliminating time spend in monitoring and managing infrastrucutre, AWS Serverless enables developers to deliver more applications, or improve/increase features faster, which results in significant improvement in productivity.

The responsibility for ensuring availability of  infrastructure, such as server capacity, rests on AWS. This frees developers to focus on code creation and deployment rather than spending time in routine monitoring, management, and implementation.

Business Agility

AWS Serverless lets users the development and delivery of new applications to their users. What’s more new applications and new updates/features can be released without any break in usage or accessibility, thus boosting scalability.

Many organizations have chosen to move to AWS Serverless Platform for its ability to enable execute rapid moves in the marketplace. This agility combined with the ability to make speedy changes allows them to take advantage of new opportunities quickly increasing revenue generation too.

High Availability

AWS Serverless platform is robust and not prone to infrastructure outages, this gives developers the assurance of operational continuity allowing them to deliver enhanced performances. it also reduces loss from unplanned downtime, which is a major factor of lower productivity and compromised business revenue.

Cost Savings

By taking away the need to manage infrastructure, the AWS Serverless Platform reduces spends on IT infrastructure, as well as overheads that would otherwise be incurred in the development of new products/features. In addition, organizations can be more efficient in their use of storage, and compute capacities, thus lowering operational expenses.


Unpredictable workloads and erratic timings are the nature of any business environment. Periods of heavy workloads can be followed by hours of light to no activity, and barring a few industries, the timings of the workloads are not fixed. This unpredictability is one basic reason why businesses that are subject to such workloads should opt for the AWS Serverless platform with its ability to automatically scale up or down as per corresponding work loads. The efficiency of AWS services makes it possible to orchestrate concurrent tasks without the engineering efforts that would otherwise be needed. While users still need to set performance baseline for memory and processing, they have almost endless capacity of horizontal scaling at their disposal. What’s more, since since processing and storage are separate aspects, users can scale down to zero processing and need pay only for storage. Keen to put AWS Serverless to work for you, but not sure how to go about it. Teleglobal can help. As preferred AWS partners, and independent Cloud Service Providers, we have the deep bench of resources and across-industry experience to help you achieve your cloud goals cost effectively and painlessly.

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