IT Managed Services

A Proactive Managed IT Support To Meet Your Business Needs

IT Managed Services

IT Managed Services

We provide innovative IT support and services to help clients build and support high-end reliable IT infrastructures. With our knowledge, including world-class expertise, Teleglobal International focuses on understanding the business goals and requirements. This helps us in translating fundamental and strategic objectives into business requirements.

Our cloud professionals work closely to create IT capabilities that don’t just meet your present business needs to reduce cost but also assures you for the future requirement for enhanced business and operational capabilities.

Our specialty is that we consider in managed IT services compared to conventional IT support and services. We assume the responsibility of providing management services to our clients and we take strategic IT decisions proactively. There is constant communication with customers as and when needed.

We offer a Pay-per-usage model of services where you can reduce your cost drastically so that you can get your services as and when needed.

Benefits of IT Managed Services

creating a comparable team in-house. Additionally, IT Managed services also can offer experience from actively managing many clients.

Services Offered Under IT Managed Services

IT Managed Services

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Your business operations will continue to work smoothly even when the Backup and DR processes are ongoing. We have got you covered in critical incidents on the cloud.

IT Managed Services

Fully Managed IT Services

Teleglobal International provides hardware on the OPEX model. All network devices, compute and storage are under fully managed by us.

IT Managed Services

Help Desk

Our team offers 24x7 assistance services to all our clients to provide technical support for the users through the Help desk.

IT Managed Services

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Teleglobal International’s IaaS entire infrastructure like Compute, Network, Power are arranged by a service provider for the customer can build their applications on their specific platform and need.

IT Managed Services

Platform as a Service

With Platform as a Service, we build and assess the platform created for business operations. Customers can create their own virtualized applications and VMs.

IT Managed Services

Remote Monitoring and Management

We can handle your business cloud with remote monitoring and assessment purposes from anywhere! Create periodic audit reports to provide a continuous assessment of the cloud’s health.

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