Managed Security Services

We Help You Manage Overall Risk And Improve Security Strategy For Your Business

Managed Security Services

IT Managed Security Services

Teleglobal International offers IT security-as-a-service with Cloud Security Services for business enterprises that helps minimize risks, protect critical business information and most importantly, reduce the cost and complexity of your cloud infrastructure. With a complete suite of fully managed IT security services, our customers get a wide range of security services that help improve their security posture.

Our managed security span your network, vulnerability management, analysis and monitoring. We extend your security operations to bridge people, processes and technology with 24x7 maintenance and support.

Our Portfolio

Managed Security Services

Threat Monitoring and Defence

Our managed security services include advanced monitoring, analysis and investigation tools of threat analysis. Our highly qualified and expert resources and round-the-clock security operations to ensure the best in class defense mechanism, real-time response and operational optimization.

Managed Security Services

Enterprise Security Monitoring Services

Being an enterprise requires extra efforts on the security of critical business information. Stay assured that your data is safe in our hands! We follow regulatory compliances and legal aspects while monitoring your cloud

Managed Security Services

Managed Detection & Response

Our comprehensive managed services that deliver monitoring & notification, process and sensors mechanism to identify and respond to advanced threats targets.

Managed Security Services

Incident Response and Event Investigation

Our expert IT professionals have an unmatched experience handling enterprise security incidents to prevent further harm to the organization’s infrastructure.

Managed Security Services

Vulnerability Management Services

Vulnerability Management plays a major role in providing stability to computing infrastructure. We provide accurate internal and external scanning across your IT workplaces such as network assets, hosts, web applications and databases.

Managed Security Services

Threat Protection as a Service

Providing intelligence on threats is a priority that helps in detection and securing the systems against targeted attacks which include malware, viruses, etc.

Our Benefits

Benefits for Enterprises

Managed Security Services

Minimal Costs

Having an in-house team for security services can be costly. Hire us for all your IT security services requirements.

Managed Security Services

Increasing Efficiency

We follow robust proven procedures and policies for our services to control external security threats and help enterprises to maximize efficiency.

Managed Security Services

Range of Services

Teleglobal International has a wide range of security services which helps all verticals SMEs to Enterprise-level businesses, such as threat monitoring, data protection, network security management, regulatory compliance, and much more.

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