Better Baas with Teleglobal Global Cloud Backup Provider

Teleglobal's Back Up As A Service

Better Baas with Teleglobal Global Cloud Backup Provider

Secure, Flexible, Reliable

Most businesses lack the skills or budgets to execute data protection strategies that correspond with their current and future business needs. With Teleglobal you can ensure complete protection of your data from all threats—human mistakes, cyber threats, and natural disasters.

As preferred partners to Veeam, a leading global cloud backup provider, Teleglobal International provides you with the tools and resources you need for a secure backup and reliable recovery.

Getting your data back up quickly

Recovery is a critical constituent of a comprehensive backup strategy. With Teleglobal, you get the assurance of a speedy recovery SLA, so you’re not dependent on your cloud provider to get your data back your data. We help you put a 360-degree recovery plan that can save you tens of thousands of dollars in the unfortunate event of data loss due to any reason—natural or manmade.

Build a Better Backup Ecosystem

The Veeam-Teleglobal association gives you more than an assurance of secure data, you also get RTO/RPA SLAs that match the needs of your business and operations—and the peace of mind that comes with it, as well as a host of attendant benefits, including:

  • Enhanced data backup and recovery with our higher automation capabilities, better security, and flexible mobility to deal with any workload.
  • Faster to market, backed by our technical experts, and our proprietary tools and materials
  • Control over even the most remote data source, including hard-to-reach devices, such as remote desktops, hand-held devices, and cloud-based devices.
  • Ability to restore data to original or dissimilar devices
  • Direct data-restore to your devices from the cloud
  • Recovery of data at granular levels
  • Flexibility to scale as you grow
  • User-friendly policies to easily monitor and manage the service at a departmental level
  • Control over access based on specific roles and responsibilities assigned to particular employees
  • Management of your backup and restore an environment from a central—and remote—location with our easy-to-use management portal


Veeam is a leader in data backup for cloud data management. Learn how you can use Veeam’s single platform to modernize your backup solutions, speed up your digital transformation and keep your data secure.

Veeam and VMware are strategic partners focused on ensuring anywhere-anytime accessibility and availability of data and applications. Together they protect your workloads and help organizations reduce risk, saving time and money,

Veeam’s Agent tool creates a VSS snapshot, compresses it, and duplicates it at the desired location. It can also copy a mass whole volume data block or create a volume inside the backup file for file-level backup.

Yes. Veeam Agent for Linux provides data protection and disaster recovery for machines running Linux operating systems. The machines can be physical or virtual.

Yes. It can be installed on machines running Windows 10 OS.

1. Check prerequisites. 2. Set up and run Veeam Backup & Replication setup wizard 3. Accept the license agreement 4. Enter license file 5. Choose installation folder for components 6. Install the software 7. Choose installation settings 8. Choose service account settings 9. Select a Microsoft SQL Server 10. Specify service ports 11. Specify data locations 12. Run the installation When asked, install available patches

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