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Amazon DynamosDB: Speeding up digital transformations in the cloud

As a document management system, Amazon DynamoDB stands out for its robust security, agile delivery and reliable performance. This document and key-value NoSQL DB management system is a fully managed, durable, multi-master, and multiregional database can handle 10 trillion requests daily with the ability to support up to 20 million per second.

Amazon DynamoDB enables storage of differing sizes of data blocks—using unique key values—at a phenomenal rate of billions of records every day. Furthermore, it supports data formats like JSON for storage and processing.

AWS offers DynamoDB as a service. A big differentiator is that users needn’t be have specialized training to use its infrastructure, like storage systems and servers. As AWS’s own experts are responsible to maintain Amazon DynamoDB, users needn’t be proficient in understanding underlying concepts or performing routine tasks, like software updates, backup-and-recovery or even database tuning.

Why Amazon DynamoDB?

No server management

since Amazon DynamoDB is serverless, users are freed of the responsibility or routine server tasks. Its ability to scale up and down ensures high performance is maintained regardless of the demands put on it. With its inbuilt fault tolerance and database availability, users are freed of the hassle of architecting applications to pre-set capability. It also enables cost optimization as users may set workload capacities and are only billed for actually used resources.

ACID Ready

Amazon DynamoDB’s support of atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability(ACID) principles enables users to develop applications at scale. It also means that performance is assured regardless of the data size of a user’s back-ups. Default data encryption scheme, granular access control of database tables is also inbuilt. And availability is assured through service level agreements.

Auto Scaling

Ability to provide consistent response times in single-digit-milliseconds to any scale, means users can develop applications without worrying about storage or throughput. Data access is further extended  by the ability to replicate data across AWS regions thus providing instant data access globally.

Prime Industry Beneficiaries


Gaming demands instant delivery of millions of requests made simultaneously, at very low latencies. Amazon DynamoDB ability process millions of requests in single-digit millisecond and at consistently low latency, makes it perfect for the gaming industry. As it is fully managed, users are absolved of operational expenses and can focus on game development. And of course, with AWS global/regional availability, game developers count of Amazon DynamoDB global tables for active data replication to cover any location.

Ad Tech

Programmatic advertising is also realizing the benefits of Amazon DynamoDB’s key-value store for storage of marketing data, such as events, profiles, links visited, and clicks.

Ad tech runs on high request rates, and demands attribution, granular targeting, and real-time bidding. With DynamoDB Accelerator (DAX), tech-ad companies can meet high read volumes and demand for sub-millisecond read latency.


Low latency is imperative in retail, and Amazon DynamosDB can do precisely that with its ability to set up and manage shopping carts, track inventory, and manage/monitor customer profiles—which includes preferences, histories, etc.

For much the same reasons, other diverse industries, such as media, entertainment, finance, and technology companies can benefit from Amazon DynamosDB. Companies such as Telltale Games and language learning portal Duolingo have successfully leveraged Amazon Dynamos to store data, understand user actions, direct game choices. In Duolingo’s case, data such as test-scores, last-attempted lesson, etc. help the company guide the student’s progress to the extent of accelerating or slowing down modules. Many other businesses across the world are turning to Amazon DynamosDB to run mission-critical workloads.

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