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AWS Databases for Any Business Application

Your database and how well you manage it is key to providing the best experience to your customers. You must be able to handle high data volumes with low to no downtime. While there are many database management services offered in the cloud, AWS’s service is probably the most preferred across organizations, This is because of its many features, such as its high data security, easy scalability, cost-effectiveness, and, of course, fact that it is a fully-managed service. Every business has different needs and Amazon has a database to serve each one’s requirements.

Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS)

AWS RDS is optimized for performance and memory and is available on several database instance types. It is easy to set up, operate, and manage in your cloud. You don’t need to worry about tasks like database setup, patching, or backups and recovery. It is fully managed by AWS and helps you save time and effort through the automation of routine administration.

Amazon Aurora

Aurora is not just compatible with MySQL and PostgreSQL, it is five times faster than the standard version of MySQL and 3X faster than PostgreSQL. Plus it gives you the security, availability, and performance of a commercial database at a much lower cost. Aurora is managed by Amazon RDS and easy to automate, sparing you the effort of undertaking time-intensive administrative tasks. Aurora offers the ideal database service for eCommerce, CRMs, and ERP applications.


DynamoDB is a nonrelational database, also referred to as a NoSQL database. This is because, unlike relational databases, they don’t use rows and columns to organize data. Rather they use structures—such as key-value pairs, wherein data is organized into keys (items) and each has values (attributes) attached. Attributes can be thought of as features of your data. Attributes can the added or removed from items at any time, in a key-value database, and not every item needs to have the same attributes.

Amazon DynamoDB is a key value database service, and it’s noted for its speed—delivering single-digit millisecond performance. Another cloud-native aspect of DynamoDB is that it is serverless. So you do not need to provision, install, maintain and manage servers or operate the software.

Autoscaling is another performance- and cost-benefit you enjoy with DynamoDB. It automatically scales up or down to adjust for capacity as your database shrinks or grows, without affecting performance. This makes it the perfect document database for mobile & web apps, gaming, and IoT applications.

Amazon Keyspaces

Amazon Keyspaces is an Apache Cassandra-compatible database service. Apache Cassandra is an open-source data store designed to support large volumes of data. You can use Amazon Keyspaces to run your Cassandra workloads on AWS without writing new application code, and using the same developer tools you use for Cassandra. Amazon Keyspaces is fully managed, highly scalable, and available. Since it is a fully managed offering, you don’t need to provision, patch, or manage servers, or install, maintain or operate the software. Like DynamoDB Amazon Keyspaces is serverless, so you can eliminate the task of provisioning or managing servers, Amazon Keyspaces scales up and down in response to traffic to your application, so you can serve thousands of requests a second.

Amazon Neptune

Need a fast, reliable, fully managed database service to build and run applications working with highly connected datasets? Neptune is for you. Amazon Neptune is a fully-managed graph database service, designed to store billions of relationships and run queries on the graph with millisecond latency. It supports graph languages like Apache TinkerPop Gremlin, SPARQL from W3C, and open Cypher, and lets you run queries and navigate highly connected data sets. It is highly available and provides continuous backup to AWS S3, with data security features that support encryption at rest and in transit. As it is fully managed you’re spared data management tasks like hardware provisioning and software management. Ideal use cases for Neptune include recommender engines, fraud detection, network security, knowledge graphs, and drug discovery.

In Conclusion

AWS provides highly efficient and performant database management solutions that offer automated scalability, high security, and low latency. Nevertheless, managing these services requires a certain degree of expertise and experience. Teleglobal, an Advanced AWS Partner, has a team of certified AWS Consultants with extensive experience in handling AWS Database Services, both relational and non-relational engines. Talk to our technical experts today, for more details.

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