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AWS MAP—the smarter route to cloud transformation

AWS’s Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) was created to enable quick and easy cloud adoption. The first phase of MAP is the assessment of migration readiness. This phase provides organisations with the performance metrics, analysis and business case to thoroughly understand its readiness for cloud migration. This is followed by Mobilize—MAP’s 2nd phase.   Mobilizing Resources: Building a foundation to migrate workloads Once the organization is aware of existing gaps—not just technology gaps but cultural disparities too—it can plan its migration and put it into execution. This is the time when organisations can build out the business cases that they began developing during the Assessment phase. Key activities during the mobilize phase include: Application planning: Depending on its requirements and the nature of its workloads, organisations should evaluate and finalise on cloud migration strategies according to the 7 R’s, I.e. Relocate, Rehost, Replatform, Refactor, Repurchase, Retire and Retain. People Planning: setting up a cloud centre of excellence is an ideal way to drive the migration, set accountability and assign responsibilities among the organisations Human Resources. Platform Planning: configuring a landing zone as per current best practices and standards allows the organisation to build, deploy, and run apps aligned to one standardized cloud environment model, so there is consistency across access control, connectivity operational instrumentation, etc. and they don’t risk breaches and data loss.   AWS solutions to Build Your Landing Zone In Line with Best Practices   Designing and building a landing zone that complies with current best practices supports rapid migration of workloads, brings standardization and generally lays the groundwork for a platform to deploy and manage cloud workloads. AWS offers specific services to enable organizations do this speedily and cost effectively. AWS Control Tower: Using Control Tower you can take the automated approach to planning your platform and operations model in a manner that meets best practices and complies with required governance norms. AWS Landing Zone takes care of the Account Management aspect by providing a framework to create and baseline a multi-account environment. AWS Single Sign-on streamlines and simplifies security and governance through a variety of pre-configured security features.   The Telelglobal Edge As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, Teleglobal assures first class integration with AWS, license optimisation, granular analytics and experts who will run specific what-if scenarios to help nail down your total and true cost of ownership. Our methodology will provide you with a visual map of your existing environment and inter-dependencies. This will eliminate any guesswork in your cloud transformation and provide the following benefits: Massive reduction in time to plan and execute migration—however complex Significant savings—compared to generic migration plans by non-AWS Partner 100% successful migration of apps   There are many—and growing—compelling reasons to get to the cloud asap. Our own research shows that AWS customers are achieving incredibly higher values and returns thanks to: Cost-effective IT environments Improving reliability and performance of applications Enhancing agility in IT—and thus—business operations.   You can experience the same gains too, to learn how, contact Teleglobal today.

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