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AWS’s Public Sector Partners

AWS’s Public Sector Partners: Delivering cloud technologies securely and reliably to government agencies The ongoing Covid 19 pandemic and and periodic lockdowns have thrown life and business into disarray, but behind the scenes, AWS’s Public Sector Partners are helping Public Sector Entities acceletate their digital transformation trajectory from dealing with the flood of calls and requests for citizens needing medical help to financial aid, and business continuity. AWS’s Public Sector Partners are bringing private sector expertise to governments departments, academia and non-profit organization, helping them transition to digital platforms that offer heightened efficiencies with better cost-saving and higher ROI. As a result transitions that would have taken years are getting done in months and weeks. One key area where public sector organizations and non-profits are very active is disaster response—not just Covid related but the multitude of natural disasters that routinely afflict out planet. Amazon’s Public Sector Partners are helping in a myriad of ways, from setting up technology solutions for support services to enabling high efficiencies in logistics from behind-the-scenes. AWS Public Sector Partners offer cloud-based solutions to every area of endeavour, through specialized Competency Partners including:
  • AWS Government Competency Partners
  • AWS Education Competency Partners
  • AWS Nonprofit Competency Partners
  • AWS Healthcare Competency Partners
  • AWS Public Safety and Disaster Response Competency Partners
  In the US alone more than 6000 government agencies are using using AWS solutions to modernize their operations, fulfil mandates, reduce expenses and deliver positive outcomes consistently. AWS Public Sector Partners understand government agencies’ requirements and bring their special expertise’s to help match economy and agility with security, compliance, and reliability. AWS has consistently been among the first to help governmental agencies meet their digital transformation objectives, specifically cloud computing while meeting regulatory compliances.   In the Indian context, Teleglobal International is one of a rarefied group of AWS Public Sector Program Partners numbering just 10-12 partners nationally, working with government agencies improve efficiencies, from procurement to policy making to strategy and execution. We use our AWS Public Sector Partner status to helping deliver cloud capabilities, hitherto only seen in the commercial arena, to government agencies through the latest technologies delivered and implemented seamlessly.

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