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Azure’s Readymade Solution to Avoid Data Loss

Azure Backup has backup and recovery functionality built into the Azure Cloud platform. It also covers VMs, files and folders, Exchange, SharePoint, SQL, and more.

You can use the Azure console for centralized monitoring and reporting. Its support of multi-factor authentication and alarms for suspicious activity makes it less likely for malware or ransomware attacks to succeed. Data retention periods range from short-term to long-term—up to 99 years!

Azure Backup offers a variety of features, such as incremental everlasting backups and network throttling to take advantage of off-peak hours, that enables users to adapt the service’s functionality to their requirements.

Planning For Azure Site Recovery? Here’s What You Need to Know

Azure Site Recovery (ASR) is a DRaaS solution that provides failover protection for virtual infrastructure and physical workloads. In other words, it can safeguard your on-premises data during an outage or disaster as well as provide recovery services from the cloud.

Azure Site Recovery provides data replication, workload transfer, and recovery orchestration services. It also allows IT organizations to test DR failover without impacting production workloads, allowing them to scale resources on demand.

Any recovery strategy must contain all three basic elements of people, processes, and technology. Technology can be utilized to automate specific procedures and replace some human labor requirements.

All applications, be they hosted on-premises applications, on public clouds (both internal and SaaS), as well as structured data, and unstructured data, all need to be managed, This makes for a high number of possible permutations, which makes data protection all the more challenging.

The combination of highly automated off-site recovery capabilities with the cost-effectiveness of on-demand cloud economics leaves the modern IT firm with no excuse for not being completely DR-equipped.

Reasons to Select Microsoft Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery

Capex and Opex-related considerations. The opportunity to move capital expenses to the operational side of your balance sheet is a big factor in going with Azure Backup and Site Recovery.

Agile backup and seamless integration. ASR and Azure Backup platforms are agile and they now include easy integration features, too. For organizations that have already invested in other Microsoft products the compatibility and familiarity of working with Microsoft applications often make a big difference. Since Azure Backup is integrated with Microsoft Cloud, you can access it safely and from anywhere

IT Transformation

Considering the disruptive transformative difference the cloud has made on IT infrastructure, it is essential to consider how we manage our data, how we store it, access it, and use it to work with each other. Data protection is a critical element of our data management strategy. And a robust backup and disaster recovery plan serves as a safety net.

Reduced IT Costs

Limiting the hardware you use to only what is necessary will also reduce your IT costs. Plus, the Azure cloud eliminates the need to deal with obsolete equipment or provision new infrastructure. Organizations will also see staff savings; for instance, cloud-based software platforms that allow staff to work remotely from home can result in enormous savings.


Obsolescence is an inescapable facet of technology. The latest infrastructure gets outdated sooner than one anticipates and is often unable to handle current needs. Cloud infrastructure saves users this aggravation, as well as, the task of managing it. Azure ensures the infrastructure provided for you is always up-to-date and able to handle your workloads seamlessly, giving you the flexibility you need to evolve and grow in tune with technological advances.

Lower TCO

By helping organizations transform their backup and recovery operations, Azure Site Recovery and Azure Backup provide the levels of performance they need to support their growing business operations.

Research undertaken by Teleglobal’s Azure Cloud Consulting services shows that Azure Site Recovery services can lower the total cost of operations (TCO), enhance operational capabilities, and decrease downtime. It also reduces the time spent maintaining recovery and backup operations.

Thanks to Microsoft Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery, organizations can: • Improve IT productivity, time and money spent on IT infrastructure, data protection, and recovery teams • Improve overall efficiency of backup and data recovery operations and reduce unplanned downtime. • Reduce expenses associated with backup and protection infrastructure—both, hardware and software

What did our clients say?

In an independent survey conducted by the Teleglobal Azure Cloud Managed Services team, participants across organizations said that the Azure Site Recovery and Azure Backup service platforms helped them in the following ways: • Reduced overall risks related to corporate-wide use of data. • Enhanced speed and agility in backup and recovery operations • Lower cost of backup, replicating and restoring data • Improved service levels by improving RTOs & RPOs • Better Time Accuracy In Operational Recovery

Managing recovery with Azure Site Recovery is pretty simple. All you need to do is look at a vault, identify the virtual machine you’re looking for; and hit the restore button!

Why Teleglobal Azure Cloud Consulting Services for Microsoft Azure Backup?

As we have seen Microsoft Azure Backup service is a comprehensive, cost-saving DRS. It combines enterprise-grade, agentless backup with the performance, reliability, and all the advantages of Microsoft Cloud. As a proven Azure Managed Services Provider, Teleglobal can help you in some ways, such as integration with a variety of existing storage platforms, reducing risks associated with changing technology, and the cost of investing in new hardware.

Contact us today for any assistance in managing not just implementing your Azure Backup and Recovery strategy, but for any services to help manage your Microsoft Azure environments. Our consultants are certified and experienced in developing solutions that fit your business goals. Talk to Teleglobal today and see the difference it can make in how you leverage Azure IT Services.

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