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How do you modernize a massive online B2B and B2C service system while simultaneously migrating to the cloud and servicing existing customers?
  • Every transaction took minimum of 3 minutes and maximum of 1 hours’ time to complete
  • Single server setup resulted in poor scalability at peak usage hours
  • Platform suffered from reliability issues
  • Security needed to be overhauled
Since 2014, Bro4u has been an online market leader in B2B and B2C service space. Bro4u offers both single-dealer as well as multi-dealer pricing and service support and trade life cycle support.
  • With AWS in place, the turnaround time decreased tremendously for each transaction
  • Using AWS allowed to scale the number of servers during festive and high transaction seasons
  • Use of VPC’s customized firewalls made the application more secure
  • Use of SQS and Simple DB allowed breaking the system into smaller modules an distributed the load evenly during volatility, resulting in a more robust system
  • Uptime of the service is now 99.9999%
  • Bro4u conducts around 5,000,000+ transactions a month
  • Zero downtime
  • Monthly turnover is up to INR 25 crores, with lower CapEx & OpEx than before
  • Still growing on a daily basis Services Provided by TeleGlobal
  • Transition management and auto-scale scripting, load balancing, fault tolerance
  • Custom software development and scripting, ongoing systems maintenance and management
  • Security audits
  • 24×7 monitoring
  • DevOps and deployment services
  • Solution Diagram:
Why Teleglobal International:
Teleglobal International customized Cloud computing solutions for business flexibility and increase productivity which ultimately leads to higher revenues. Our expertise lies in complete deployment, management and migration services of public cloud with Amazon Web services. Our affordable and secure methodologies will help you achieve your business targets at a fast pace. Our team of Cloud engineers has years of experience and expertise in managing cloud networks across the world. We provide 24×7 assistance and management for cloud at your business arena. Teleglobal International has successfully delivered cloud services to more than 900 business clients across the world operating on various platforms and applications.

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