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Get a handle on AWS modernization

The road to modernization is closer than you think

Every time you trade in your digital device for a newer one or update an application you’re participating in the act of modernizing. This is an essential feature of technology development. It allows businesses to leverage technology advances to meet the current demands of the business., including regulatory requirements.

But while application modernization refers to the process of updating and improving existing software applications to make them more efficient. Cloud modernization refers to the process of moving applications and workloads from on-premises or traditional data centers to the cloud. This move, also known as migration, allows companies to take advantage of the scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness of cloud computing, as well as the ability to access and analyze data in real time. 

The two concepts are not mutually exclusive. Modernization of applications often involves re-architecting or re-writing the application, as well as updating technologies and programming languages used to build the application. This rearchitecting is also done to ensure applications are cloud-native, i.e. will be able to take full advantage of the scalability, availability, and economy that cloud computing offers.

Using our collective expertise as Cloud Managed Service Providers, and Advanced Partners to AWS, Teleglobal offers an end-to-end solution that provides everything you need to begin progress on your modernization journey. Using proprietary tools and frameworks, we deliver dynamic, real-time visibility into your AWS cloud and continuously evaluate it to identify and harness opportunities for intelligent modernization. Our team uses these learnings to identify high-impact, low effort modernization targets. As you continue to modernize, so does our team, continuously assessing the evolving environment for further opportunities for improvement.

Fast track your modernization efforts

Teleglobal’s Accelerated Modernization Program (AMP) has been built and battle-tested in accordance with AWS best practices, in collaboration with the AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP). This all-inclusive approach helps rationalize your in-cloud application portfolio and create a robust modernization roadmap.

Our modernization program is suitable for all organizations and is directly aligned with the AWS Optimized Licensing program.

For instance, the application of intelligent analytics on your AWS Account inventory and Systems Manager data allows us to identify application workloads running on Amazon EC2 that have the potential to be modernized using the range of next-generation products offered within the AWS ecosystem.

What Can You Expect from Teleglobal’s Accelerated Modernization Program

⦿ Faster Time to Discovery – Our program is designed to be quick and easy to onboard

⦿ Continuous Modernization – We ensure your IT environment is functioning at the highest levels and has the agility to take advantage of best practices and cloud technologies as the resources in your technology stack evolves over time

⦿ Better Alignment to Promoted Services – As members of the AWS Advanced Partner Network, Teleglobal enjoys close collaboration with AWS, which works to ensure that high priority technology choices are promoted in recommendations.

⦿ Value Transformation. Teleglobal’s accelerated modernization program pushes business transformation by helping develop a cloud-native operating model that focuses on improving developer productivity, enhanced product lifecycle development, reduced time to market, and a faster pace of innovation.

Ready to begin your modernization journey? Reach out to Teleglobal today.

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