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Get more from your cloud for less with Teleglobal’s implementation of CloudHealth

In the flurry to get to the cloud, enterprises can lose track of their original cloud goals and how well they are now aligned with business goals. Teleglobal implementation expertise can help you leverage the CloudHealth platform to realign your cloud to evolving goals by simplifying financial management of your cloud, streamlining operations, beefing up security, and more.

Business benefits

We’ll show you how to get and use the data CloudHealth provides, into cloud usage, and analyses of the productivity of your assets according to business-lines/projects/departments, to improve efficiencies, budgeting and overall decision-making.

With CloudHealth’s precise reporting, analytics, and overall management, your organization will be better prepared to adapt to opportunities, eliminate wastage and meet business goals—cost effectively.

Reporting as you like it

Reports can bring insight and clarity, they can also obfuscate and mislead. Our implementation will enable you to wield CloudHealth’s reporting muscle to create bespoke reports in graphical or tabular formats in correlated data sets that simplify business analytics and empower insightful decision making.

CloudHealth also provides a record of any action taken on it, with flagged notifications on a severity-scale, helping subsequent remediation efforts.

A Cloud Management Tool Box at Your Disposal

From communication to project management to data analytics, CloudHealth gives you the full complement of tools you need, and our implementation experts will ensure you leverage them to the fullest. Even more, with CloudHealth’s API’s you have the flexibility to extent functionality by writing your own applications or integrating third party apps.

CloudHealth Functionalities

Security Management

The platform lets you ensure security compliances meet industry standards. Among other functionalities, Teleglobal’s configuration simplifies notification management by automating security alerts, which can be sent to stakeholders as and when risks are flagged.

Optimized Resources

With the data behind you, it will be easy to maximize resource efficiency and optimize costs by rightsizing and/or reservation recommendation.

Automated Tasks

CloudHealth lets you automate tasks like stopping, starting/re-starting, resizing or terminating infra. You can also send alerts and schedule events as per your requirements.


Beyond customising workflows you can set rules and policies to execute each process, effectively simplifying management.


As you grow, your cloud must grow and evolve in tune to your strategic business objectives. CloudHealth implementation lets you do this automatically by streamlining optimization measures with automated governance.

Health By Numbers


Global tech companies using CloudHealth


Public cloud spend under CloudHealth management

Managing Financial Health


CloudHealth opens your cloud environments give you granular visibility, letting you monitor cloud cost/usage by department/team/project/application. Tracking these patterns enables accountability and avoids mis-calculation and lets you cast accurate budgets.

You will be able to identify opportunities for eliminating wasteful spends, using custom rightsizing recommendations as per your workloads.

Beyond this, you can will reduce time expended in managing reservations and savings, with the platform’s capabilities in modeling, optimization, and amortization.

With the ability to ensure business lines comply with your pre-determined budget guidelines, you can alert stakeholders when/if spending anomalies are detected and cost centers might exceed predefined budgets.

Managing Cloud Operations

With visibility comes opportunity. CloudHealth grants granular visibility in your cloud environments—public, hybrid or containerized—so you can monitor cloud usage in real time, manage utilization and plan and budget for capacity more accurately. You can compare real-time performance with budgeted capacity and decide which assets to optimize and which to downsize of terminate. Even better, we can configure CloudHealth to take appropriate action, according to pre-set rules. Using CloudHealth’s dynamic policy engine, you can set and automate governance to monitor usage, alert stakeholders to any violation and enforce utilization guidelines. CloudHealth can thus free you to focus on more important strategic business tasks.

Managing Cloud Security

CloudHealth’s ability to monitor security risks is a unified approach that extends across your cloud environment, and lets you assess how any change impacts risk across the enterprise.

It lets you:

  • Detect threats in near-real time
  • Visualize cloud resource relationships, investigate, and assess risks from threats, mis-configurations, or any change-activity
  • Audit & track any configuration changes by developer in resolving violations to security
  • Set and enforce enterprise-wide standards for better compliance with best practices
  • Address mis-configurations using automated actions
  • Define security benchmarks centrally, while allowing developers to resolve violations, using role-based access-control

Unsure about the health of you cloud? Let us help you reduce your cloud-costs while raising cloud-effectiveness, with a streamlined implementation of CloudHealth.

Contact us to set up a no-commitments presentation with Teleglobal’s CloudHealth team

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