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How AWS Database Modernization is Improving Healthcare Yields

Data bases have become a valuable component of the healthcare system. They enable healthcare businesses to efficiently store, organize, and manage information like lab reports, finance, billing, patient records, and more. Although this information must necessarily remain secure from the general public, it has to be accessible to healthcare professionals, who utilize the insights provided by the data to improve treatments. Considering the value that database technology adds to healthcare in general  it is crucial that the data be error free and accurate. Making efficient healthcare database management a new imperative for healthcare as a sector.   The Covid 19 pandemic has pushed almost every industry sector to embrace technology to deliver its services, and healthcare is no different. And these disruptive new delivery methods are now enabling elements like electronic health records (EHR) and clinical data to reach patient registries in near real time.   The cloud has further boosted the ubiquity of healthcare data bases—deployment to the cloud has brought benefits like enhanced capabilities, scalability and flexibility. In this respect, AWS has proved to be a game changer. It has enabled  data modernization to improve post-surgery outcomes through seamless communications, among other benefits. Using AWS technology to combine IoT and the cloud with Amazon S3 and Amazon RDS for MySQL, technology companies are enabling seamless communications platforms that allow doctors to share information such as visuals and post-operative reports securely with patients, in the process, significantly improving patient satisfaction, as well. Modernization of data bases can also drive cost efficiencies for specific specialties, such as bone repair. Utilizing Amazon DynamoDB and AWS S3 can enable new capabilities, such as predictive maintenance and real-time alerts that avoid expensive downtime. Thus, reducing productivity loss and improving yields. Best of all, it can be done in mere weeks.     Keen to begin leveraging AWS’s many advantages, we can help you get started.  As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and AWS’ Competency Partner for Mongo DB, we can help you fast track your transformation into a data-driven organization in compliance with your industry norms—healthcare and others as well.  

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