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The Impact of Cloud Computing in 2020

Cloud computing has been at the core of business processing for a while now. But a few years back, it was said by some experts that cloud computing will not remain a major trend in a few years! Well, they were wrong! Cloud computing is one of the most successful innovations since its inception in the mainstream market. It is safe to conclude that Cloud Computing and its benefits such as cost savings, increased efficiency, and improved opportunities are not unheard by any IT professional today. According to a few reports, it is estimated that 83% of the total workloads in businesses globally would be on the cloud by 2020. And it seems to be matching the current figures. Of the 83%, 41% of workloads are believed to be on public cloud platforms. All the major sectors of businesses such as financial institutions, manufacturing, and healthcare have significantly progressed in adopting the cloud in recent times.

How the Cloud will help Businesses?

Despite the negative sides to the cloud such as security and data loss, the cloud has ways to protect the data for assurance that it remains accessible and secure at all times. Here are some of the ways to use the cloud for your business in 2020.
Data Archival
Businesses are aware of the importance of data when it comes to strategy and future estimation. In 2020, being the last year in the decade, cloud computing will play an important role in data storage and archival. Due to this, Cloud services providers are already engaged in providing extra space to the clients for 2020.
Mobile Workplace
With the boom in shared workspace businesses of Bootstart and Awfis, startups require IT setup that is mobile. Cloud is the perfect solution to this as it is accessible from any part of the world at any time. It allows you to take your office along the road with you.
Sharing Information
Whether you’re at the office or somewhere else, Cloud enables data sharing at your ease. Once the data is in the backup, sharing files is as easy as sharing a link.
File Storage
In a small business, files take up a large area of IT infrastructure and it is not feasible to keep getting extra hard drives to store such important data. In 2020, many of the data centers around the world will be working on green technologies to improve sustainability and decrease carbon footprints. Cloud will be a great replacement for small businesses and startups, currently storing data in the local system.
Planning Business Growth
With Cloud, one can focus on core business operations. And as and when required, can scale up the resources of the cloud. This significantly decreases the costs in comparison to in-house cloud architecture.
Cost Reduction
Paying a full-fledged in-house team is not feasible for small businesses and startups. Managed cloud services providers are the best option to choose when it comes to the cloud. The cloud services providers are responsible for maintaining the software, hardware, and infrastructure of your business at a very low cost.
Cloud gets Global
Looking at all these advantages, the year 2020 will play a major role in the growth of cloud business as new innovative technologies kick in. The integration of IoT with the cloud will speed up in 2020 as key global players are focusing on the research and software around it. This will lead to greater communication and cooperation among companies globally.
Key Takeaway
The research will drive more innovations, which means that each passing year will bring new challenges and more opportunities for the IT industry. The innovative technologies will make businesses to re-think about their strategies and infrastructure. Cloud providers also need to re-invent their mindsets. While the businesses move towards agility and versatility, efficiency will be an achievement. With the support of a cloud services provider like Teleglobal International , stay updated and ahead of your competitors in the market with a cloud.

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