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The WorkSpaces That are Transforming Work Places

At any other time in history, a pandemic of the kind that is even now ravaging the world, would have brought all life to a standstill. However, thanks to the internet and cloud computing, the new normal of Work-from-home has allowed business to continue, even if it is not completely as usual. Amazon Workspaces has played a major role in ensuring business continuity through the lockdowns and other restrictions necessitated by the Covid pandemic.

As a managed, virtualized and persistent desktop solution, Amazon WorkSpaces gives users the ability to access applications and data at anytime, from anywhere, via any device that supports internet connectivity.

Amazon WorkSpaces is OS agnostic, so you can provision Windows or Linux systems as needed for your people to work with. You also are free of the need to provision and install hardware or software. Amazon WorkSpaces lets you add/remove users as needed, so desired users can access their virtual workspaces using any browser or device.

How Amazon WorkSpaces is Changing the Way We Work

Easy to provision

Provisioning desktops is ridiculously simple on Amazon WorkSpaces. You can launch as many WorkSpaces at you need concurrently, while modifying bundles as per users’ requirements. Similarly, it is just as straightforward to delete an Amazon WorkSpace after you’re done and no longer need it.

Storage synced and encrypted for your convenience

As per the bundle selected, Amazon WorkSpaces gives a user access to a particular quantity of SSD volume (persistent storage) in the AWS cloud.

it also provides access to Amazon WorkDocs Drive, which is by default encrypted and synced to Amazon WorkDocs, and also available on the user’s alternative devices.

You can also take advantage of AWS Key Management Service (KMS), which is integrated with

Amazon WorkSpaces, to encrypt the storage volumes via KMS customer master keys. Since data is not stored on local devices, but flows using enterprise-level encryption, your information is totally safe even when accessed using public Wi-Fi systems, as in restaurants or public facilities.

Active Directory integration for better workflows

AWS Workspace is compatible with both AWS Directory service and Microsoft Active Directory. You can also use your on-premises AWS AD directory service to support existing users on AWS Workspace. This allows you to run your applications concurrently with EC2 and AWS RDS application servers.

Device agnostic

In addition to WorkSpaces web access, you can also manage access on iOS, Android, Chrome, and zero clients. Users on Microsoft Windows PCs and macOS can control WorkSpaces access to trusted devices using their digital certificates. Trusted IP addresses allowed access your WorkSpaces can be defined using IP address-based control groups.

Enterprise Benefits

Cost savings

Using WorkSpaces’s pay-as-you-go pricing option you can control costs by adapting to your changing requirements. No more over-purchase of hardware, laptops/desktops, etc. You’re also free from upfront licensing fees, monthly fees… all of which promises substantial cost savings.

Easy to maintain

Features like easy accessibility, management of varied WorkDocs and easy-to-delete protocols, make Amazon WorkSpaces maintenance simple and straightforward


Amazon WorkSpaces is designed to plug any possibility of data leak. this included ability to provision each end-user’s access; encrypted storage volumes in AWS cloud, integrattion with AWS Key Management Service (KMS). Further, as users’ data is never stored on local device, there is no possibility of data being breached.

No licensing headaches

Users can bring their own, existing.

AmazonWorkSpaces doesn’t set any added licensing obstacles; for instance, you can freely use your existing Windows 10 Desktop licenses (running on physically dedicated hardware) on Amazon WorkSpaces.

You merely need to fulfil Microsoft’s licensing eligibility criteria, i.e. a minimum of 200 Amazon WorkSpaces running in a particular AWS region in any given month.

Work with any device

Wherever across the globe there is an AWS Region/Availability zone, WorkSpaces can be run. Furthermore, users are able to  connect using any device from anywhere.

In a Nutshell

Amazon WorkSpace has simplified and improved end-user computing enabling businesses to  adapt using an agile methodology. The benefits are clear for all to see: improved performance, better data-security and higher productivity. Moving your Windows/Linux desktops to Amazon WorkSpace gives you the leverage to scale up as needed by adding new users. You enjoy a more robust security, and accessibility.

Changing business environments are constantly putting pressure on workflows, timelines and resources, Amazon WorkSpaces can help you get the job done from anywhere, at any time, cost-effectively and with the minimum of fuss. For more information or help with implementing Amazon WorkSpace, talk to our experts today.

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