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Why Are So Many Businesses Opting for Managed Services?

Why Are So Many Businesses Opting for Managed Services?   If you’re hesitating to handover your cloud environment responsibilities to a third party, you’re not alone. But you are certainly in a minority. The challenges involved in recruiting and training a dedicated team, keeping them and your cloud updated, staying abreast of the latest developments in cloud technology that you need to stay competitive, can suck up energy, time and efficiency like a black hole. Which is why more and more organizations are choosing to outsource their clouds to external Managed Services providers.   In-house Team vs Managed Services   If you want autonomy, total transparency, and complete control of your cloud, this is definitively the way to go. Organizations with the resources and expertise may well opt to keep their cloud responsibilities in house, choosing to have a dedicated team manage their cloud environment. While this may work well for large conglomerates, not many small and medium businesses have the budgets or resources or skills to build a dedicated team that’s up to scratch. For such organizations—and they form the bulk of businesses across the world—Managed Service Providers are a cost-effective and efficient way to get the best of cloud, without cloud responsibilities getting in the way of business demands.   Benefits of Managed Cloud Services
  1. Leaner payrolls
  2. Fixed recurring cost
  3. Automatic future-proofing of your cloud environment
  4. Better Security (Enforceable through SLAs)
  5. Better workload management, as per your business needs and goals
  An experiences Managed Services provider can help you realize manifold advantages, starting with very real cost savings gained through cost optimization of your cloud. You are also free of the need to spend time and resources in a) training your resources b) ensuring you’re updated with the latest softwares, technologies, and compliances, and c) optimal utilization of your cloud infrastructure through better workload management. No more worrying about security, availability, capacity, bandwidth or any of the routine responsibilities that affect core business performance. This is precisely why so many businesses—not just MSMEs are choosing to engage MSPs.   As an independent provider and partner to the leading Cloud Providers, AWS, Azure and GCP, Teleglobal is perfectly positioned to help you get the most out of your cloud investment.   If you’re still unsure of whether to go out or keep it in-house, give us a call. Our experts will be happy to meet with you, understand your needs and help you experience a seamless cloud experience with no issues of capacity, bandwidth or security. Get in touch with Teleglobal, today!

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