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Why You Need an Next-Gen AWS Managed Services Partner

The undoubted leader in all things cloud, AWS has over a million users in their active user base. But the cloud is a dynamic, ever evolving place and navigating the AWS ecosystem, with its many, many services and features, to identify the best solution to your needs can be a complicated affair. To help their customers leverage AWS to the maximum, the AWS Managed Services Partners program was launched. The program aimed at ensuring every customer had a dedicated expert—through Amazon’s partner companies—to help them meet their needs by helping them set up and optimize their cloud and guiding them towards the best-fit cloud solutions.

For instance, an AWS cloud partner can help reduce down time to mere minutes a year, i.e. 99.99% SLA. Cloud partners can assist businesses at every step of the cloud journey, from preparing for migration, to executing the migration with minimal disruption, and post-migration, optimization of infrastructure and cost.

Who is AWS Managed Services Partner?

Basically managed service partners are third party service providers, who can be engaged to handle the day to day management of your IT—from infra to systems.

AWS Managed Services Partners (MSP) are a step above generic providers, in that they are certified experts on every aspect and the latest features that AWS offers. They provide the complete lifecycle solution to cloud infra, i.e.: plan, design, build, migrate, run, operate and optimize. AWS MSPs are regularly audited for demonstrable next-gen managed service practices. Thus they bring extensive knowledge to their consultations, enabling businesses to leverage the best available technology to achieve their goals

AWS MSPs are guided by three core principles:

Up-to-date industry knowledge

Proactive advisory

Commitment to Client Relationships

Thus they can be expected to fulfil the role of trusted advisor, going beyond handling service requests to pro-actively advising customers on how they can best leverage AWS solutions.

While some organisations—especially those trusted with sensitive data—may opt for a traditional, on-premises IT environment, this can be cost prohibitive, and requires enormous outlay on keeping your infra and resources updated with the latest solutions and technologies. With so many innovations constantly being launched, it is easy to get left behind or miss out on cost-savings. Moving to the AWS cloud addresses one part of the problem, but organizations still need to architect their environment correctly and stay up to date. Working with a next-gen AWS MSP is the easiest and most cost-effective way to get the best of cloud, without cloud responsibilities getting in the way of business needs.

Some next-gen AWS MSP Benefits

1. Optimized costs

2. IT that’s always updated on the latest infrastructure and features—for you

3. Definitive future-proofed cloud environment

4. Higher Uptime (99.99% SLA)

5. Better Security (AWS itself ensures compliance with many needed industry regulations)

6. Efficient management of workloads to help you meet business requirements and objectives

An experienced Managed Services provider can help you realize manifold advantages, starting from major cost savings (through cloud optimization), to staying updated with the latest softwares, technologies, and compliances, to freedom from the responsibility of ensuring security, availability, capacity, bandwidth or the routine many other needs that affect core business performance.

Despite the obvious advantages, there is still some scepticism—mostly whether the partner can truly understand the complexities involved in achieving a business’s desired goals. The real

question here is not whether an AWS partner can help you optimize your cloud, but which partner can best help you achieve you goals.

So how do you choose the right AWS MSP?

It goes without saying that trust is a very important factor in selecting you service provider. Beyond being informed on the latest innovations they must be willing and able to keep a close eye on your cloud infra and systems.

So, when choosing an AWS MSP, don’t stop with checking their ratings and reviews. Interact with them, to satisfy yourself that they understand you business requirements, your goals and the complexities in getting there.

The ideal AWS partner will not just pick and explain the product to you, they will explain how various features benefit your business, and help you make an educated decision.

If you’re still unsure about handing over your cloud environment responsibilities to a third party, start by talking to us. It’s a no-commitment conversation that can help you understand the many ways Teleglobal can help—from ensuring a quick, efficient migration to AWs to re-architecting your AWS infra—as needed.

Teleglobal is not just a trusted AWS MSP, we are also part of AWS, Advanced Partner Network, Amazon DynamoDB Delivery Partner and part of the AWS Well-Architected program.

Get in touch with us, today!

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