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AWS Migration Helps MarketsandMarkets Achieve High Availability And Rapid Scaling

AWS Migration Helps MarketsandMarkets Achieve High Availability And Rapid Scaling

AWS Migration Helps MarketsandMarkets Achieve High Availability And Rapid Scaling

About MarketsandMarkets

MarketsandMarkets™ is a blue ocean alternative in growth consulting and program management, leveraging a man-machine offering to drive supernormal growth for progressive organizations in the B2B space. We have the widest lens on emerging technologies, making us proficient in co-creating supernormal growth for clients. 

The B2B economy is witnessing the emergence of $25 trillion of new revenue streams that are substituting existing revenue streams in this decade alone. We work with clients on growth programs, helping them monetize this $25 trillion opportunity through our five service lines – TAM Expansion, Go-to-Market (GTM) Strategy to Execution, Market Share Gain, Account Enablement, and Thought Leadership Marketing.

Our Market Intelligence Cloud, The Knowledge Store™, integrates our research, facilitates an analysis of interconnections through a set of applications, helping clients look at the entire ecosystem and understand the revenue shifts happening in their industry.


MarketsandMarkets, a client with an on-premises database server running on Windows Server, faced numerous real-time issues that led them to consider moving their workload to the AWS cloud. Among the challenges were the need for rapid scaling, high availability, and to support their growing business needs. By migrating to AWS, they were able to achieve these objectives, while also leveraging advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities to gain valuable insights from their data in real-time.

The Challenge:

⦿ The on-premises Windows server 2012 R2 (64 Bit) is outdated and requires hardware upgrades and .Net Framework (4.5v) application is running in this server.

⦿ leverage the cost savings and flexibility of a pay-as-you-go cloud pricing model.

⦿ Reduce the time and effort required to provision new server instances.

⦿ Need to Improve their overall security posture and reduce the risk of cyber threats.

⦿ Wants to take advantage of cloud-specific features like auto-scaling, load balancing, and storage options.

Problems on-prem windows server:

When customers have workloads and databases residing on premises, they may occasionally encounter performance issues such as slow response times. This can be due to various factors such as limited resources, inefficient configurations, or outdated hardware. Another factor that can contribute to slowness in on-premises servers is inefficient configurations. Some other Challenges while migrating workload. During the migration process of a Windows Server to AWS, we encountered a system check failure which resulted in the login screen being displayed but preventing successful login due to the system check failure. We attempted to troubleshoot the issue by utilizing methods such as changing the network interface and performing an EBS volume detach and attach and finally we resolved this issue by installing system Driver which might causes system check failure issue and made succussed RDP.

Business impact of customer:

MarketsandMarkets, a leading company, is experiencing business impact due to the inability of their on-premises servers and databases to handle increased workloads and user demand. This is impeding their scalability and responsiveness to market changes. To address these challenges, we have proposed an AWS Cloud solution that offers better scalability, reliability, cost-effectiveness, and easy management.

Benefits of Aws windows Server:

AWS provides scalability, high availability, and enhanced security for Windows Server infrastructure. It offers cost savings by paying only for consumed resources and seamless integration with other AWS services. AWS also provides management and automation tools to simplify Windows Server administration.

Benefits of AWS MSSQL Server:

Amazon RDS for SQL Server offers easy setup, scalability, high availability, robust security, and automated management of routine database tasks. It enables cost savings by eliminating hardware and infrastructure costs while providing a secure and efficient SQL Server environment.

Provided Partner Solution:

Without any disruptions or downtime, Teleglobal provides an Application Migration Service that empowers organizations to effortlessly relocate their applications from one environment to another.

Teleglobal has resolved the challenges associated with application migration, which involves transferring an application or a group of applications from one environment to another. This could entail moving the application to a new server or hosting platform or migrating the application to a different operating system or software framework. With their expertise and proven track record, Teleglobal provides seamless application migration services, ensuring that clients experience no disruptions or downtime during the transition.

There are many different reasons why organizations might need to migrate an application. Some common reasons include:

⦿ Upgrading to newer software: An organization might want to migrate an application to a newer version of the software it is based on, to take advantage of new features or to address security vulnerabilities.

⦿ Changing hosting platforms: An organization might want to move an application to a different hosting platform in order to reduce costs, improve performance, or take advantage of new features.

⦿ Responding to changes in business needs: An organization might need to migrate an application to respond to changes in its business needs, such as a shift in the focus of its operations or an acquisition of a new company.

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