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Captech Technologies a Growing Fintech Player Leveraged AWS to Meet …

The Client

Captech Technologies a finance-technology company, whose founders were leaders in their own industry domains of technology and retail lending, respectively. The client has disrupted the micro-finance market with a unique lending concept that sought to provide customers with a platform that gave them the freedom to choose customized loans from handpicked non banking finance companies (NBFC), and banking institutions.

The Challenge

Growing demand from an ever-widening customer base had rendered the company’s external DC network—which by definition allows only one user to send a message at a time—unviable. The company was looking for a solution that would enable their web application to run on a platform that ensured high availability and scalability well into the future. AWS was the ideal answer, and picked Teleglobal, thanks to the teams deep bench of certified talent and enormous experience in helping businesses across industry sectors transition to AWS.

The Solution

It was clear from the outset that the client was in an expansion phase and needed the ability to scale up as per demand as well as ensure high availability. Downtime was a definite no-no. Accordingly, our team held several meetings with various functional stakeholders to understand each one’s priorities, and how the current architecture as delivering on those objectives. After taking all our findings into consideration, we configured a solution that would seamlessly support functionality of the application, while enabling the desired availability and scalability.

Tech Stack

  • Webservers: public webservers, with AutoScale
  • Private Subnets: provisioned on DB servers to ensure high security
  • AWS S3: for long-term storage, allowing native DB backups to the uploaded safely
  • The S3 storage: this also functioned as a repository for uploaded Web Server codes
  • VPC Endpoints: set up to allow access to AWS S3 resources from the VPC
  • Automated scheduled backup for AMI & server snapshots


  • Secured DB with zero access to the servers by public users
  • Ability to connect to S3 without the net (using VPC endpoints)
  • No unauthorized access

The transition is one more successful migration project for our team. As an AWS Advanced Partner, we are well positioned to design solutions that cut through the clutter, optimizing your infrastructure while also optimizing costs. In addition to fintech businesses, we include clients from across the industry spectrum. To learn more, or to schedule a meeting with our team, contact us using the link in the main menu.

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