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How Accelerated AWS Cloud Migration allowed our client to close their data centre and save

How Accelerated AWS Cloud Migration allowed our client to close their data centre and save on operation costs by ~40%

The Challenge

Our client works with companies across the industry spectrum to help them reduce their environmental footprint and meet core business objectives. The client engaged Teleglobal to help them optimise their cloud migration. They had a very tight deadline of fewer than five months. And they wanted to transition over 200 servers from their current on-premises data center to AWS

Teleglobal Solution

Our first step in decommissioning the data center and preparing for migration to AWS was to perform a complete audit of the client’s existing infrastructure. The client had a very tight deadline, and the date to be moved was quite extensive—200+ servers, plus a few that contained data of more than one terabyte, each! Based on our assessment of the client’s infrastructure and applications, we zeroed in on a lift-and-shift migration approach. Next, we created a landing zone to correspond with the client’s global cloud architecture.

Business-critical applications that couldn’t be easily migrated using the lift-and-shift approach were identified for optimisation later, once the migration was complete. These were mainly Oracle Applications, including, Oracle Hyperion Suite, Oracle E-Business Suite and other Oracle applications. Meanwhile, the balance applications were moved to the cloud using AWS Server & CloudEndure services.

Concurrently, we migrated the Oracle applications, as described above. This approach helped us save time, and minimised interaction between the client’s AWS cloud environment and its on premises infrastructure. The entire transition, including migration of the entire databases. took us less than four months.


Total Turnaround Time: 110 days.

Operational Cost Savings: ~40%

Our detailed approach and step-by-step pre-migration process made it possible for us to complete the transition in under four months. As a result our client was able to shut down their data center and achieve the greater efficiencies that AWS offers, including quicker time-to-market, high scalability, cost savings (through cost-effective choice of services, elastic pricing policies, etc.) and security.




Win 2008R2, 2012, 2016

CloudEndure MigrationAWS DMS

AIX 7.1

AWS CloudFormation



A systematic and planned approach that begins with a step-by-step audit of the existing infrastructure and identifies business critical applications and workloads, helps avoid migration hassles and streamlines the entire process. As a preferred partner to AWS, and with over 10 years of cloud migrations for diverse businesses behind us, our team, at Teleglobal, can help streamline your cloud move and ensure you get the most efficiencies and cost benefits that AWS offers. For more information, contact us today.

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