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How we helped a leading sports merchandise business leverage its data using data lake & AWS


Sports and fan merchandise go together like PB&J and our client helped meet the fans’ demands with a comprehensive selection of merchandise comprising thousands of licensed items for sale online, as well as, in offline brick-and-mortar stores.

The Client

As a global sports merchandising business, the client owned licenses to thousands of sports merchandise items, which were sold via its online stores and in innumerable different physical outlets. The logistics of these operations were correspondingly enormous, as was the data generated. This data could play a critical role in helping the client take its business to the next level. The business’s current SQL data storage and analytics were in no way up to the task.

The Challenge

The project involved the migration of an enormous volume of data (about 100TB), which was generated from five discrete applications, in raw form, and make it easy to analyze.

A skilled and experienced cloud partner would be needed to create the solution.
Enter: Teleglobal.

Teleglobal’s experience with data lakes and AWS Services expertise were major factors in picking them. We felt their familiarity and knowledge of AWS services would help us move out data to the cloud and architect the best solution to collect and mine it. We were right!”

– Abdel M. Aziz, CEO


We, at Teleglobal, quickly realized that AWS was the ideal Cloud platform for the job, as it offered the right mix of services, and at very reasonable rates. And, as part of the AWS Preferred Partner Network, we were well-positioned to take on the challenge.

We needed to move the client’s data, which, the client has been moving—using SSIS packages to ETL its data—to storage in Amazon S3.

We needed to move the data to a repository that would allow the storage of data in its native form. Amazon S3 was a natural choice. It offered secure, durable, and highly scalable cloud storage and could be integrated with other available cloud services to analyze the data, such as Amazon Redshift, Hadoop, and Spark.

S3 has an intuitive, user-friendly interface, which would make it possible for the team to store and retrieve large volumes of data as needed.

The team at Teleglobal, set up the raw data for storage in its native format, i.e. without the need to structure it to meet traditional column-based SQL frameworks.

Solution Features & Benefits

We accelerated the loading of data from the client’s on-prem sources to AWS cloud, in the process delivering many benefits, including:

1. Fast transfer speeds with assured delivery.
2. Data integrity, backed by checks and balances.
3. Automated monitoring covering regulatory audit areas.
4. Data security during transfer using industry-approved SSL encryption.

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