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Our Managed Services Capabilities enabled DelphianLogic Technologies to offer better and more cost-effective 24*7 support

Our Managed Services Capabilities enabled DelphianLogic Technologies

The Client

DelphianLogic Technologies, an established provider of IT solutions and other professional services, was struggling with the task of 24×7 monitoring its global applications

The Challenge

DelphianLogic Technologies Faced with the task of delivering on several development projects with tight timelines and equally tight resources, the client had selected AWS as its cloud provider as AWS’s functionality, scalability, self-serve approach and competitive pricing lent itself to the client’s needs. Nevertheless, the client still faced a challenge with a particular  development project that needed to be accessible globally 24×7. The challenge of providing a round-the-clock experience called for similar support, and the client was not in a position to support this 24×7 monitoring with its own internal resources.

The Solution
Thus, the client decided to outsource this requirement to an external vendor with the necessary expertise in managing AWS environments. In view of the tight schedules and that the client was managing multiple development companies, responsiveness was a key factor. Delays would mean multiple developers simply wasting time, waiting for changes. Furthermore, outsourcing the project would free up resources and money, allowing the client to allocate higher budgets for developers instead of system administrators and network engineers. In its search for a managed AWS vendor, the client had identifies specific criteria for guiding its decision, including:

·   Proven expertise in AWS Managed Services—including 24×7 monitoring
·   Highly responsive team
·   Based in the US
·   Competitively priced

A number of vendors were shortlisted and evaluated—all of them proven AWS resellers capable of providing management and support, albeit of differing levels. Teleglobal was chosen by the client thanks to our demonstrated AWS expertise and exemplary responsiveness, and, not least, our competitive pricing. Since Teleglobal has no dependency on overseas call centers, which translates into higher responsiveness.

Teleglobal’s solution incorporated Amazon S2, S3, RES, and SES products. From an initial stage that limited it to just about a hundred users, the company now has the capacity to expand into thousands of users. Blending other products on the same servers will further
expand this potential. The client is soon to move into production, and when that happens complexity is sure to increase. This will give Teleglobal another opportunity to flex our advanced AWS muscle.

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