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Securing Investment Bank: A Comprehensive Database Transformation…


Investment Bank, a leading financial institution, faced critical challenges related to database backup, recovery, and disaster management. With a substantial client base and complex financial transactions, the bank relied heavily on its Oracle and MySQL databases. Investment Bank looked for a strong solution because the database services were often interrupted, and there were worries about the accuracy of the data.


⦿ Downtime Impact: Frequent downtimes in both Oracle and MySQL databases were impacting critical financial transactions, resulting in potential revenue loss and reputational damage.
⦿ Data Security Concerns: The bank, dealing with sensitive financial information, was particularly concerned about data security during backup, recovery, and in the event of a disaster. Following industry regulations was a top priority.
⦿ Inefficient Backup and Recovery Procedures: Existing backup and recovery processes were timeconsuming; it took longer to get everything working again. This slowness made it more likely that things would stay broken for a while.
⦿ Scalability Issues: As the bank’s operations expanded, the existing database infrastructure struggled to scale efficiently, impacting overall performance.
⦿ Disaster Management Plan: The absence of a robust disaster management plan increased the weakness of the bank’s databases, raising the risk of data loss in the face of unexpected events occurrences.

AWS Solution Proposed by Teleglobal:
Migration to Amazon RDS:
⦿ Teleglobal recommended migrating both Oracle and MySQL databases to Amazon RDS for seamless management, scalability, and high availability.
⦿ Using Amazon RDS allows for automatic backups, reducing manual effort for routine tasks.

Disaster Recovery on AWS:
⦿ Implemented AWS Disaster Recovery services to create a reliable backup strategy.
⦿ Utilized AWS Multi-AZ deployments for Oracle and MySQL to ensure data redundancy and high availability.

Enhanced Security Measures:
⦿ Implemented AWS Key Management Service (KMS) for strong encryption of data at rest and in transit.
⦿ Enabled Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) for network isolation, improving overall security.

Automated Backup and Recovery:
⦿ Configured automated backup schedules and streamlined recovery processes using AWS tools.
⦿ Utilized Amazon S3 for cost-effective and efficient storage of backups.

Scalability with AWS Services:
⦿ Used AWS Auto Scaling to help the system grow when needed, ensuring databases can manage more transactions as the business grows.

Business Impact / Benefits:

⦿ Reduced Downtime: The bank experienced a significant reduction in downtime, ensuring uninterrupted financial transactions and improving overall customer satisfaction.
⦿ Enhanced Security and Compliance: With strong encryption and AWS certifications, Investment Bank met industry standards, ensuring data security and following regulations.
⦿ Improved Operational Efficiency: Automated backup and recovery processes streamlined operations, reducing the time required for database maintenance.
⦿ Scalability for Future Growth: The scalable architecture allowed the bank to manage growing business demands without impacting performance.
⦿ Complete Disaster Management: The implemented disaster recovery plan provided a backup plan, reducing dangers associated with data loss and ensuring quick recovery in case of unexpected events.

Disaster Event: Logical Error in Oracle Database (Error Code: ORA-08103)

The Challenge:

⦿ In the case of a logical error in the Oracle database, The Investment Bank and Teleglobal worked together efficiently to swiftly resolve the issue.

1. Identifying the Disaster:
The Oracle DBA detects a logical error that requires immediate attention to prevent any further complications.

2. Immediate Action by the Oracle DBA:
⦿The Oracle DBA isolates the affected systems to contain the issue.
⦿Utilizes Oracle Flashback Technology for a quick restoration without resorting to a full backup.

3. Oracle Recommended Techniques:
⦿Utilizes Oracle Flashback Query for viewing and manipulating past data.
⦿Highlights how keeping a record of transaction logs is crucial to make sure the data stays consistent.

Post-Recovery Database Health Check:

After the successful restoration, the DBAs conduct thorough health checks, ensuring data integrity and implementing necessary performance tuning to optimize database functionality.

This proactive approach, spearheaded by Teleglobal and the expertise of DBAs, ensures a comprehensive disaster recovery strategy, minimizing the impact of potential data disasters and positioning the Investment Bank for sustained success.


⦿In conclusion, Teleglobal’s expertise in AWS services, combined with a meticulous analysis of Investment Bank’s requirements, resulted in a successful transformation of their database infrastructure, addressing critical challenges and positioning the bank for future growth.
⦿By leveraging AWS disaster recovery and backup solutions, the real estate company achieved significant improvements in data protection, business continuity, and operational efficiency.
⦿This case study demonstrates the effectiveness of AWS solutions in providing comprehensive disaster recovery and backup for businesses of all sizes and across diverse industries.

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