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Solutions implemented by WheelsEMI for a seamless on-premises Windows Server migration to AWS

Solutions implemented by WheelsEMI for a seamless on-premises Windows Server migration to AWS

Solutions implemented by WheelsEMI for a seamless on-premises Windows Server migration to AWS

About WheelsEMI

WheelsEMI Private Limited is an RBI registered finance company that specializes in retail financing of Pre-Owned & New Two-Wheelers. Bike Bazaar Finance is the brand name of WheelsEMI Private Limited. Bike Bazaar Finance has emerged as the pioneer in financing pre-owned Two Wheelers and after adding new two-wheeler finance in its product gamut, it has become a two-wheeler finance specialist in the country.

The core of Bike Bazaar Finance is on Impact Funding meaning funding such customers in the Customer Pyramid wherein the ownership of a two-wheeler makes an impact in their lives and owning the vehicle is just not about adding convenience. Bike Bazaar was co-founded by Mr. K Srinivas, Ex-President, Bajaj Auto Limited; Mr. V Karunakaran, Ex- Sr Vice President, Bajaj Auto Finance Limited & Mr. Ratheesh B, Ex Bajaj Auto Finance Executive in 2017.


WheelsEMI, an organization facing real-time issues with their on-premises server, decided to move their workload to the AWS cloud. The on-premises server was experiencing various issues, including network latency, application downtime, and hardware failures, impacting their business operations. By moving their workload to AWS EC2 instances, they were able to eliminate these issues and achieve faster response times, improved application performance, and better scalability. With AWS’s advanced tools and services, WheelsEMI successfully migrated their workload to the cloud, achieving greater flexibility, security, and cost savings.

The Challenge:

WheelsEMI rapidly growing business requires scalable computing power, storage, and network bandwidth that their on-premises infrastructure cannot provide. Concerned about security, they seek to leverage AWS’s advanced security features and compliance certifications. Additionally, the high costs associated with hardware maintenance, upgrades, and security patches have prompted the customer to migrate to AWS cloud and utilize managed services for streamlined server management.

Problems on-prem windows server:

⦿ WheelsEMI Team is struggling to keep up with the demands of maintaining and updating the on-premises server, which is affecting their productivity.

⦿ WheelsEMI on-premises Windows Server 2016 (64-bit) running Microsoft SQL Server 2012 is currently experiencing significant performance degradation, adversely impacting their ability to provide timely customer service.

⦿ The server has suffered a hardware failure, resulting in extended downtime and lost productivity.

⦿ The server has a limited storage capacity of 500 GB, posing challenges for the customer to effectively store and manage their growing volume of data.

⦿ WheelsEMI seeks to leverage AWS cloud services from a cost perspective as on-premises infrastructure cannot provide cost coverage for their expanding needs.

Business impact of customer:

The customer is experiencing decreased productivity and revenue loss due to slow application performance and frequent downtime. They are also facing increased costs associated with hardware maintenance, upgrades, and security patches. Additionally, maintaining regulatory compliance has become challenging due to limited resources and outdated technology, posing potential legal and financial risks. This situation is resulting in delays and decreased productivity for the customer.

Benefits of Aws windows Server:

AWS provides scalability, high availability, and enhanced security for Windows Server infrastructure. It offers cost savings by paying only for consumed resources and seamless integration with other AWS services. AWS also provides management and automation tools to simplify Windows Server administration.

Benefits of AWS MSSQL Server:

Amazon RDS for SQL Server offers easy setup, scalability, high availability, robust security, and automated management of routine database tasks. It enables cost savings by eliminating hardware and infrastructure costs while providing a secure and efficient SQL Server environment.

Provided Partner Solution:

Teleglobal offers an Application Migration Service that enables organizations to seamlessly move their applications from one environment to another without any disruptions or downtime.

With Teleglobal’s Application Migration Service, organizations can effortlessly migrate their applications from one environment to another, regardless of the hosting platform, operating system, or software framework. Teleglobal’s approach involves a meticulous analysis of the client’s requirements, planning, testing, and execution of the migration process. Their experienced team works closely with clients to develop a customized migration strategy that ensures minimal disruption or downtime. By leveraging their expertise and state-of-the-art tools and techniques, Teleglobal provides a seamless and stress-free application migration experience for their clients.

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