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Strengthening Scalability, Performance, and Security with Teleglobal Expertise

Strengthening Scalability, Performance, and Security with Teleglobal Expertise

Strengthening Scalability, Performance, and Security with Teleglobal Expertise

Company Overview: ACADZA Technologies

ACADZA Technologies is a pioneering ed-tech startup that uniquely focuses on thinking from a student’s perspective. With decades of combined teaching experience integrated with advanced technological expertise, ACADZA has revolutionized the approach students take in preparing for competitive exams. The company offers multiple applications, including Formula Sheet DOST, Backlog Remover DOST, Practice DOST, and Study Material DOST (Full Syllabus), specifically designed to aid students preparing for their 12th board exams and CET exams.

Problem Statement

ACADZA was facing several challenges in efficiently managing and scaling their diverse educational applications. The existing infrastructure was not robust enough to handle the growing user base and the increasing demand for seamless and reliable application performance. ACADZA needed a scalable, secure, and high-performing infrastructure to support their applications and provide a superior user experience to students.

Challenges Faced by ACADZA:

  • Scalability Issues: The current infrastructure was unable to scale effectively with the growing number of users.
  • Performance Bottlenecks: Slow performance and frequent downtimes were affecting the user experience.
  • Security Concerns: Ensuring data security and privacy for students was paramount, and the existing setup had vulnerabilities.
  • Cost Management: Managing infrastructure costs while ensuring high availability and performance was a significant challenge.

Solution: AWS Infrastructure Deployment by Teleglobal

Teleglobal, an advanced AWS partner, was engaged to design and deploy a comprehensive AWS infrastructure for ACADZA Technologies. The deployment architecture included the following key components:

VPC and Subnets:

  • Creation of a new Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) with public and private subnets.
  • Deployment of NAT gateway and Internet gateway to manage internet traffic.

Route Tables and Configuration:

  • Creation and configuration of public and private route tables.
  • Setting up proper routing to ensure efficient traffic flow.

EC2 Instances:

  • Deployment of EC2 instances within the VPC, tailored to the specific needs of ACADZA’s applications.

Database Setup:

  • Deployment of MySQL RDS in the private subnet to ensure secure and high-performing database management.

Load Balancer and DNS:

  • Creation of a Load Balancer Target Group and DNS Endpoint to ensure high availability and efficient load distribution.

Security Groups:

  • Configuration of Security Groups with appropriate inbound and outbound rules to ensure robust security.

Outcome and Benefits

The deployment of ACADZA’s applications on AWS by Teleglobal resulted in significant improvements:

  1. Enhanced Scalability: The new AWS infrastructure allowed ACADZA to scale their applications seamlessly, accommodating a growing number of users without performance degradation.
  2. Improved Performance: With the new setup, ACADZA experienced faster application performance and reduced downtimes, leading to a better user experience for students.
  3. Robust Security: The implementation of secure VPCs, subnets, and security groups ensured data protection and privacy for students.
  4. Cost Efficiency: The optimized AWS infrastructure helped ACADZA manage costs effectively while maintaining high availability and performance.


Teleglobal’s expertise in AWS deployment played a crucial role in transforming ACADZA’s infrastructure. The new setup not only addressed the existing challenges but also positioned ACADZA for future growth. With a scalable, secure, and high-performing AWS infrastructure, ACADZA is now better equipped to support students in their preparation for competitive exams, delivering an enhanced and reliable learning experience.

Architecture Diagram –AWS Cloud

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