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Cloud Optimized: Benefits Maximized

As organizations across the world move to the cloud and benefit from its myriad advantages, it becomes even more imperative that you choose the cloud solution that best answers your specific objectives. Failure to pick the correct solution and/or combination of services and infrastructure you need can lead to a number of setbacks, including security lapses or non-compliances, technical issues, loss of control, and unforeseen expenses.Teleglobal’s Cloud Advisory Service can help you identify the potential to leverage the advantages of various cloud computing solutions so your business benefits. Not only do we identify areas that will gain from cloud computing, we also help you develop a comprehensive strategy and a roll-out plan for implementation across your enterprise. Our road map is structured to the needs of the business and factors existing IT set-up and includes detailed cost-benefit analyses.

A clear understanding of the business and its needs will guide architecting and help users avoid high capital expenses, such as a server, network infra, and software licenses, and the burden of maintaining and upgrading them. In addition, features like self-provisioning and elastic billing let users optimize their operational expenses as well. This is true for all cloud computing models: SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS.

What the RIGHT Cloud solution offers you

  • Cost Savings
    No capital cost of buying hardware & software, operational cost, power, security, IT experts and more.
  • Speed and Flexibility
    The ability to provision resources in minutes gives businesses immense flexibility, making capacity planning a real time exercise
  • Scalability on a Global Level
    Cloud solutions allow you not just to scale up the services you need, but you can choose a preferred geographic location too
  • Security
    A comprehensive set of protocols, technologies and controls protect your apps, infrastructure and data
  • Productivity
    Cloud computing saves you the time and task of managing on-site chores, like set-up of hardware and software, so you can focus on more important business objectives
  • Reliablity
    With provisions for data backup and disaster recovery, business continuity is assured and less expensive.

Cloud Service Models

IaaS, or Infrastructure as a Service is the basic foundation for any Cloud-based IT environment, it includes virtual machines, storage, hard disks, servers, load balancers, firewalls, etc. IaaS is ideal for companies keen to build their applications themselves but it demands the technical skills to do all this. IaaS is also the foundation for Platform as a Service (PaaS). Examples of IaaS include Microsoft Azure cloud services, cloud services AWS, Google Cloud Services.

PaaS sits atop this infrastructure and lets you deploy operating systems, webservers, data bases, without installing them, effectively avoiding the cost of investing in the infrastructure, operating and maintaining it. The final layer of Software as a Service (SaaS) lets a business or user access a gamut of applications, including email (Gmail), social sites (Facebook), CRM (Salesforce), Microsoft Office 365, and more. SaaS is—and is expected to remain—the dominant model, with CRM and ERM applications accounting for the majority of all cloud applications.

The use of all these services allows users to focus on their work, be it app development or customer service, or social networking, without the bother of management and execution of infrastructure and software

Public, Private, Hybrid or Multi-cloud…which one works best for you?

While providers like Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services are often the ideal cloud services for smbs, many businesses also need a higher service availability or uptime, have higher security and regulatory benchmarks or host mission-critical applications. These enterprises are better served by investing in a private cloud. Private clouds allow total control and ownership of their environment. Public clouds are lower in cost since they offer greater economies of scale through their multi-tenant nature, and users only pay for resources they use.

Hybrid clouds offer a best of both worlds scenario, allowing organizations the flexibility to orchestrate workloads seamlessly, effectively creating a single uniform cloud. Businesses dealing with dynamic workloads, or big data processing needs, for example, can split workloads so general computing tasks are assigned to the public cloud and sensitive ones are handled by the private cloud.

Put Teleglobal’s expertise to work for you

Whether you opt for a public or private or hybrid cloud, it is imperative to provision resources correctly, optimally, and cost-effectively. A well-managed private cloud could end up costing you even less than a standard cloud implementation. Teleglobal’s expertise and experience with businesses across the industry spectrum give us an edge in understanding our customers’ needs and building the ideal cloud solution specific to their business objectives.

Our expertise in managing your cloud services can help you trim costs substantially. Our resource monitoring and configuration management dashboards provide you with the oversight you need to track changes made to your systems. This is complemented by regular performance reports and an automated billing system.

Our teams are hands-on and come with a deep bench of capabilities, backed by established protocols that make it easy to deploy and manage your software and applications, manage events, as-sure security, and support your IT strategy as your organization grows and evolves.

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