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Threat Management Solutions

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Teleglobal’s Threat Detection Services is not just a reactive approach; it’s a proactive strategy that unveils potential risks before they materialize. Our advanced threat detection solutions are designed to dissect every layer of your digital operations, scrutinizing the minutiae of data interactions and system behaviors. We believe true cybersecurity lies in uncovering the invisible, anticipating threats, and orchestrating a response that outpaces malicious intent. Our solutions offer a comprehensive defense mechanism that aligns with the dynamic nature of cyber threats.

Incident Response Retainer Services

Teleglobal’s Incident Response Retainer Services provides a proactive stance in the face of potential incidents. Cyber threats are not a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when,’ and our retainer services ensure your organization is well-prepared. With a dedicated team on standby, our retainer services offer a swift and coordinated response to incidents, minimizing the impact and mitigating potential risks effectively.

Managed Detection & Response

Teleglobal’s Managed Detection & Response (MDR) Services are a vigilant guardian for your digital assets. MDR is not just about identifying threats; it’s a comprehensive approach that involves continuous monitoring, proactive threat hunting, and swift response capabilities. Teleglobal’s MDR services use advanced technologies to ensure that potential threats are detected, analyzed, and neutralized with precision.

Security Information & Event Monitoring

Teleglobal’s SIEM goes beyond traditional log analysis; it’s about real-time monitoring, correlation of events, and actionable insights. It provides your organization with a centralized platform that aggregates and analyzes security data, allowing for swift identification of potential threats. With advanced analytics and customizable dashboards, our SIEM Solutions empower your organization to stay ahead of emerging cyber threats.

Security Orchestration Automation & Response

Teleglobal’s Security Orchestration Automation & Response (SOAR) transforms threat response from a manual process to an orchestrated symphony. FortiSOAR integrates security tools, automates repetitive tasks, and orchestrates a coordinated response to incidents. Teleglobal’s FortiSOAR Services empower your organization to respond to threats with efficiency, ensuring that your security operations are agile and adaptive.

Threat Hunting

Threat Hunting is not just about finding threats; it’s about actively seeking and neutralizing potential risks before they manifest. Teleglobal’s Threat-hunting Services involve proactive and targeted searches across your digital environment, identifying anomalies and potential threats that evade conventional detection methods. We use advanced tools and techniques, ensuring your organization remains one step ahead of cyber adversaries.

Threat Intelligence

Teleglobal’s Threat Response services are the culmination of proactive detection and swift, strategic action. Our Threat Response services involve a coordinated effort to contain, mitigate, and eradicate threats, minimizing the impact on your organization. Teleglobal’s experienced response team works with your organization to ensure that threats are neutralized and the security posture is strengthened.

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