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Be Covid Ready with Teleglobal’s Cloud Managed Services

There’s no denying that the novel coronavirus caught everyone unprepared. For businesses, the ensuing lockdowns and shift to the new normal of work from home demanded a level of virtualization that most were not geared to meet. The ones to suffer the most were organizations dependent on on-premises IT. With everyone doing just about everything from home, gaps in IT— both infrastructure and software—were exposed. Unable to meet demands placed upon them, servers and resources were stretched to their limits, often resulting in downtime or sub-par  performance. 

On the flip side, many businesses took the opportunity to accelerate their digital transformations and get their organizations future-ready. Moving to the cloud is hands-down the best way to ramp the efficiency of your IT—not just during this Covid pandemic, but in post-Covid days too. Migrating to the cloud enables organizations to provide workplace-like solutions to their people. This includes facilities like video-conferencing, Virtual Desktop Infra (VDI), and other assorted tools for collaborative working.

While there is little doubt that migrating to the cloud is an imperative, the path enterprises choose to go about their cloud adoption is just as important.  The shortest route to instant IT maturity has consistently proven to be cloud managed services. This was true pre-Covid and is being proven true emphatically now. Using cloud managed services frees you from the burden of training your workforce—or employing new resources—and/or the trial-and-error loop of architecting  a solution in-house.

As an independent cloud services provider and partner to the leading cloud providers, AWS, Azure, and GCP, Teleglobal is well positioned to provide the entire range of expertise your organization needs to get up to speed in the cloud. From auditing your existing infrastructure to building a detailed migration roadmap optimized to ensure little-to-no downtime, optimized for cost and resource utilization, and maximized security and regulatory compliances, our cloud experts will help you acquire a future-proofed cloud edge.

Cloud Benefits with Teleglobal Managed Services

What can you expect? Here’s a partial list of competitive advantages that partnering with Teleglobal assures:

  • Scale up or down in immediate response to demand
  • Cost & time savings on training in house resources
  • Architecting of IT done by experts
  • Quick and cost-effective adoption of tech-solutions
  • Cost optimized, with pay-as-you-go solutions, IT infra and software as per your specific needs
  • Reduced dependence on human resources with automation maximized
  • Business continuity
  • Future-ready infrastructure

Whether you’re still on the fence or ready to make your move but unsure how to go about it, our people can help. Contact Teleglobal for a no-commitment consultation today.

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