Cloud Managed Services

Simplify Your Business Operations With Cloud Managed Services

Cloud Managed Services

Cloud Managed Services for Higher ROI

To make the most of your cloud, it must be effectively monitored and managed. Some choose to do this themselves, but this can add drastically to your talent cost without a corresponding enhancement inefficiency. Bringing in a Cloud MSP, like Teleglobal, releases you from the grind of taking care of the many, myriad issues related to managing a cloud environment, leaving you free to focus on your core business needs. We have the understanding and experience to manage your environments and resources in a way that aligns your cloud to your larger business objectives and delivers maximum returns in your cloud investment.

No more operational risks, security issues, or runaway costs

Operational risks: these can range from operational risks in your processes that use cloud infrastructure to disrupting the smooth working of business-critical revenue-generating systems, e.g. sales, logistics, fulfillment, etc.

Security Risks

Higher cost: improper management can end up making your cloud more expensive instead of cost-effective.

Teleglobal’s Managed Services: Catering to all your cloud needs

  • Deployment
  • Cloud Migration Service
  • Security
  • Network and storage
  • Cloud Monitoring & Reporting
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Infrastructure Set Up
  • Business Continuity

Take advantage of our expertise in managing a variety of cloud environments to automate your practices, streamline deployments, optimize cloud environments and costs. With Teleglobal AWS Cloud Managed Services you can really experience the difference a properly deployed, set up and managed cloud can make to your business and your bottom line.

  • See enhanced value through automation and self serve
  • Find the pricing, delivery, and management model that works for you
  • Meet global regulatory, security, and compliance standards

How We Do It

Our success as a AWS Cloud Managed Service Provider is driven to a large extent by an integrated approach complemented by the ability to tailor solutions with maximum scalability and stress-free deployment.

Count on us for:

  • Speedy cloud deployments customized to your organization’s requirements
  • Robust security and assured compliance
  • In-built scalability and optimized costs with our pay-as-you-use engagements
  • Better resource utilization for higher productivity
  • A hands-on approach to strategic planning and execution
  • Business continuity with the heaviest of workloads

Optimize Your Cloud with Teleglobal Managed Services

As an independent partner with the biggest cloud service providers in the world, Teleglobal brings a deep understanding of the complexities of a cloud ecosystem that offer a slew of benefits when you engage with Teleglobal’s Managed Services. These include:

  • Comprehensive Infrastructure Support: Align your network and operations with your business objectives using our 24x7 management and network capabilities—which include the ability to monitor, scan, report, and update patches, among others.
  • Centralized management: The ability to manage applications and services from a central data center enables data access remotely, it also improves productivity, enhances resource utilization, ensures storage and backup KPIs are met, and optimizes costs.
  • Service Level Agreements (SLA): Our SLAs ensure business continuity across critical applications that power your operations and services
  • Data Backup and Recovery: Our data strategies and timely backups keep your data safe and accessible for a quick recovery to same or dissimilar machines, in line with high-level RPO/RTO SLAs.
  • Timely Response: Teleglobal assumes the responsibility for your cloud, so you’re assured of a speedy response in the event of any issue.
  • Cloud Vendor Handling: Teleglobal saves you the time, effort, and hassle of interfacing with cloud vendors. In the event any critical issue arises, we undertake problem resolution. We will also recommend measures for cost control and for automation of business-critical processes.
  • Higher ROI: Backed by our cloud expertise and across industry experience, we can help you draw up a service plan customized to your IT budget and optimized for your requirements, so you enjoy the best returns on your IT investments.
  • Savings on IT Maintenance: Engaging with Teleglobal MS helps you reduce the burden of costs on routine network maintenance.
  • No Update Fatigue: Keeping up with software upgrades eats into the time and places a high burden on in-house IT teams, as it places a high demand on training time and costs, as well as additional specialized resources.
  • Flexible Solutions: From pay-per-use plans to converged solutions to setting up a new service or network monitoring, the flexibility of our AWS Managed Services offering allows businesses to align solutions to their business models and objectives.
  • If you need a tailor-made yet cost-effective cloud solution that keeps you competitive, try Teleglobal International. Our AWS cloud managed services platform can give you the edge you need to meet your business objectives while maximizing returns from your IT investments.

TeleGlobal is an AWS Managed Service Provider Partner that helps you adopt AWS Cloud Managed Services at scale and work more efficiently and securely.

Our cloud management services include:

Cloud Managed Services

Services like SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS from vendors including Amazon Web Services(AWS), Microsoft Azure and GCP

Cloud Managed Services

Disaster Recovery

Cloud Managed Services

Trusted partner of satisfied customers

Cloud Managed Services

Support for your entire business enterprise including ERP, SCM, HCM

Cloud Managed Services

24/7 security and management services

Cloud Managed Services

Automation in business operations


Using a Managed IT Services Provider frees you from the time and effort of overseeing day-to-day operations and lets you focus on core projects and strategy. You can save money and improve efficiencies by leveraging the skills and resources your MSP brings to the table.

When a business hands over the responsibility for their IT setup. This extends from maintaining the setup to improving efficiencies and cost-savings.

When you factor in the cost of keeping up with technology, updates, infrastructure monitoring and measurement, and the myriad jobs needed to ensure your cloud is being optimized for operational and cost-efficiency, it will soon be apparent that handing over the overall responsibility to an MSP makes perfect sense. MSPs bring a very high level of expertise a deep bench of resources, and long experience they can call on to ensure you’re making the most of your IT.

Businesses can reduce operational costs by 20% or more using the right MSP. Reinvesting the savings back in new innovations can push savings up further. There are also savings in terms of time—otherwise spent in managing your IT; training—to keep up with the latest updates; and infrastructure upgrades.

Talk to us, our experts will be happy to take the time and effort to understand your business objectives and suggest the best options accordingly.

Customised Solutions on Cloud

Cloud Managed Services

Infrastructure Migration

Move to a new Cloud infrastructure with existing databases, applications and workloads to the cloud.

Cloud Managed Services

Data Migration

Data is a crucial part of every business. The data migration should be completely secure and lossless.

Cloud Managed Services

Cloud Analytics

Cloud analytics can bring up new solutions to business operations and provide value to the revenue of the enterprise.

Cloud Managed Services

Automation & Optimization

Reduce costs with cloud optimization and bring automation to the business for faster process completion.

Cloud Managed Services

Cloud Consulting

Our cloud professionals provide strategic cloud consulting services for your business to migrate and operate on almost any cloud.

Cloud Managed Services


At Teleglobal International, we develop roadmaps and provide proof-of-concept in the initial planning of cloud management in your business.

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