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Teleglobal’s Dedicated Resources Provide 24×7 Support To Leading BFSI

Customer Profile:

A BFSI company based in India with a turnover of 408 million USD, this customer is a pioneer among a new generation of insurance firms. They have designed their insurance offerings with a thorough comprehension of the varied financial requirements of Indian consumers.


The customer was leveraging AWS for their entire DC and DR operations, but they were using a manual deployment process for their application and development programs, leading to excessive AWS billing. Additionally, their data warehouse solution failed due to the wrong integration in AWS Glue. Along with this the customer had challenges related to compliance and audit and wanted to perform their operational tasks in an automated fashion with utmost security.


Teleglobal built a complete CICD pipeline for all deployments, streamlining the customer’s DevOps work. We leveraged the AWS CodePipeline to build a CICD workflow onto ECS which is a container service offered by AWS.  We also rebuilt the customer’s AWS data warehouse solution with the minimum cost through AWS Glue. A total of 30 Teleglobal resources are dedicated to working on the 24*7 model and managing the customer’s entire infrastructure on AWS.

Plus, for data security, we used AWS KMS and SSE-S3 to encrypt the data at rest. To monitor and analyze the customer workload we used several methods such as:

Used CloudWatch to monitor various metrics of resources such as CPU usage, memory usage, and network activity and set alarms to send SNS notifications to an email/ phone number when an alarm was triggered. We leveraged Cloud Trail and its logs to monitor the changes made to AWS resources and had them stored in an S3 Bucket for auditing purposes. We adopted security as a practice and used standard methods to access customer accounts with the protection of MFA and using the least privilege rule to give access to any person in the organization.

In order to visualize the data, we used the Cloud Watch dashboards and analyzed them to check patterns and trends which could identify the root cause of any issue we used Cloud Watch log insights.

We also implemented various automated security checks like having a lambda function that would be triggered to delete the access keys from the environment if it has been compromised.


The customer adopted a DevOps model, allowing them to expedite their deployment and testing processes. As a result of Teleglobal’s well-architecture review activity, the customer observed a significant optimization in their AWS billing. With a proper solution for AWS Data Lake and data warehousing, the customer is now able to gain valuable insights from their data with the help of analytics.

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