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Leading Manufacturer Improves AWS Infrastructure Efficiency With Teleglobal’s 24/7 …

Customer Profile:

The customer is a leading manufacturer from one of the conglomerate group from India, with a turnover of 110 million USD. 


The customer was leveraging AWS with over 270 VMs but was facing various issues such as ACL, security, and load distribution. They also faced a DDoS attack on their critical workload. Plus, handling patches and updates in this number of VMs was challenging and they wanted to automate that and have continuous monitoring in place.


Teleglobal provided 24*7 managed services support for AWS and enabled the four pillars of managed services: CloudOpsDevOpsFinOps, and SecOps. This included a well-architecture review activity, the implementation of load balancers, WAF, and AWS Shield for DDoS protection, and the implementation of best practices for AWS. 

We handled patches and updates in a better way and automated that with the help of AWS Systems Manager. Here, we grouped the Windows and Linux-based instances in different resource groups and rolled out the patches with the help of an agent installed in the VM.

At networking level, we enabled VPC flow logs to monitor the reachability of resources. Along, with this, we set up NACL in order to have an extra layer of security on top of security groups at the subnet level.

In order to handle the load and sudden traffic spikes in their workload we set up a load balancer and autoscaling to scale the systems whenever there was increased CPU usage. We also used a pool of instances fleet when the autoscaling was triggered to save on cost and at the same time have the traffic spike handled.

All these systems were continuously monitored using the CloudWatch service, with alarm and notification configurations using the SNS service for various metrics like CPU, memory usage, and more. To have better visualization we used CloudWatch dashboard to monitor the critical workloads in one place.


With the 24/7 managed services support, the customer was able to focus on their business and received active support for any issues or service requests. The customer has equipped themselves with industry-best security practices on AWS and is now able to serve their traffic during peak hours smoothly due to the implementation of load balancing. The issue of downtime has been resolved.

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