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Windows Server With Database Migrated Into AWS EC2 Windows Server For WheelsEMI

About WheelsEMI:

WheelsEMI Private Limited is an RBI-registered finance company that specializes in retail financing of Pre-Owned & New Two-Wheelers. Bike Bazaar Finance is the brand name of WheelsEMI Private Limited.

Bike Bazaar Finance has emerged as the pioneer in financing pre-owned Two Wheelers and after adding new two-wheeler finance to its product gamut, it has become a two-wheeler finance specialist in the country.

The core of Bike Bazaar Finance is on Impact Funding meaning funding such customers in the Customer Pyramid wherein the ownership of a two-wheeler makes an impact in their lives and owning the vehicle is just not about adding convenience. Bike Bazaar was co-founded by Mr. K Srinivas, Ex-President, of Bajaj Auto Limited; Mr. V Karunakaran, Ex- Sr Vice President, Bajaj Auto Finance Limited & Mr. Ratheesh B, Ex Bajaj Auto Finance Executive in 2017.

The Challenge On-prem Windows Server Migration to AWS:

WheelsEMI has application Software compatibility issues which were outdated software and leading to problems with connectivity and functionality issues. So, to solve this issue customer was looking for a solution for low latency, better scalable also cost-effective.

Hence, the customer wants to use RDS to segregate load from on-prem to Database whereas the application functionality will work fine.

The business impact customers of an on-premises Windows server is not functioning properly, it can have a direct impact on the ability of employees to complete their work or services to customers. This can lead to delays and decreased productivity.

Benefits of Aws Windows Server

1. Scalability: AWS allows you to quickly and easily scale your Windows Server infrastructure up or down to meet the needs of your applications. This can be particularly useful if you have fluctuating traffic or workloads.

2. High Availability: AWS provides some options for ensuring the availability of your Windows Server infrastructure, including multi-AZ deployments, auto-scaling, and Elastic Load Balancers.

3. Security: AWS offers some security features and services to help protect your Windows Server infrastructure, including security groups, network access control lists, and identity and access management (IAM).

4. Cost Savings: By using AWS, you can pay for only the resources you consume, which can lead to cost savings compared to maintaining your on-premises infrastructure.

5. Integration With Other AWS Services: AWS offers some services that can be easily integrated with Windows Server, such as Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) for persistent storage, Amazon RDS for database management, and Amazon EC2 for compute power.

6. Management And Automation: AWS provides some tools and services for managing and automating your Windows Server infrastructure, including AWS Systems Manager and AWS CloudFormation.

Provided Partner Solution:
Application migration service and how it works.

⦿ Application migration refers to the process of moving an application from one environment to another, such as from on-premises servers to the cloud, or from one cloud provider to another. This process can involve several steps, including

⦿ Planning: Identifying the scope of the migration, assessing the current state of the application, and defining the target environment.

⦿ Preparation: Gathering necessary resources, including hardware, software, and personnel, and setting up the target environment.

⦿ Migration: Transferring the application, its data, and any associated dependencies to the target environment. This may involve re-architecting the application to meet the requirements of the new environment, or modifying the application to take advantage of new features or capabilities.

⦿ Testing: Ensuring that the application is functioning properly in the new environment, and fixing any issues that are identified.

⦿ Deployment: Making the migrated application available to users in the new environment.

⦿ There are some tools and services available to assist with the process of migrating an application. These can include automated migration tools, which can help with the transfer of data and dependencies, as well as consulting services that can provide expertise and guidance throughout the migration process.

The below diagram will help us to understand how Migration work.

Migration Actions-

Migration Discovery/Assessment:

⦿ Identify the resources to be migrated: This includes identifying the data, applications, and other resources that need to be migrated to the new environment or platform.

⦿ Gather information about the resources: This includes collecting details about the current configuration and usage of the resources, as well as any dependencies they have on other resources.

⦿ Evaluate the impact of the migration: This includes considering the potential impact of the migration on business operations and determining any risks or challenges that may arise during the migration process.

⦿ Create a migration plan: This involves developing a detailed plan for how to migrate the resources to the new environment or platform, including any necessary steps or precautions to ensure a successful migration.

⦿ Assessing the application’s current performance and stability.

⦿ Identifying any customizations or modifications that have been made to the application.

⦿ Evaluating the hardware, software, and network infrastructure of the target environment.

After Migration Benefits.

⦿ Cost savings: AWS can often provide cost savings compared to on-premises infrastructure or other cloud providers due to its scale, efficiency, and pay-as-you-go pricing model.

⦿ Scalability: AWS provides on-demand resources, allowing you to scale up or down as needed to meet changing demands.

⦿ Reliability: AWS has a global infrastructure with multiple Availability Zones in each region, providing high availability and failover capabilities.

⦿ Security: AWS provides a range of security tools and features to help protect your data and applications, including data encryption, identity and access management, and network security.

⦿ Innovation: AWS constantly introduces new services and features, allowing you to take advantage of the latest technologies and stay ahead of the curve.

⦿ Flexibility: AWS offers a wide range of services and tools, allowing you to build and run a wide range of applications and workloads on the platform.

⦿ Integration: AWS integrates with a wide range of third-party tools and services, making it easy to build hybrid cloud architectures and connect to on-premises systems.

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