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How we helped a national level broadcasting organization reduce storage costs by 90% …

How we helped a national level broadcasting organization reduce storage costs by 90% and handle 1000+ user requests per minute

The Client

A Public Sector Broadcasting Organisation, providing programs related to entertainment, education and information, viz: music, science, culture, documentaries, feature films, and similar material.

The Need

The client’s existing system allowed users to upload content intended for broadcasting. However, it provided limited support to manage structured and unstructured User Generated Content (UGC) in the form of media files, word documents, pdf and audio. The legacy systems used on-premises SQL database to store UGC, which was costing the client in significant storage overheads every month.

The client wanted to modernize the system so as to support high-quality broadcasting for around 800 events per year—covering TV, radio and live events. They also wanted to lower cost of storage and needed a scalable and secure data management platform.


The legacy system was capable of handling up to 300 user requests a minute, beyond which it broke down. Our solution had to avoid such system breakdowns. Security was another major gap in the existing system. Handing large and individual UGC data sets opened up the system to security threats from malicious data, The system was not up to date on security functionalities and threat restrictions. Until now, the client was moderating media files manually, and covering the files into standard formats, which was time-consuming and tedious; however, with the continuing increase in user requests and content, the manual process was unviable and a more effective system was needed—in other words, a user-friendly and immersive user interface that enabled users to upload content.

The Solution

Over the years, Teleglobal has accumulated substantial learnings and experience in designing sustainable data management architectures capable of handling big, discrete data volumes, and mining the same to unearth usable business intelligence using analytics. Azure Pass offers a plethora of Azura services, which our Big Data Analysis team at Teleglobal leveraged to build a bespoke multi-tenant cloud solution capable of handling large volumes of structured and unstructured data.

Tech Stack

Azure Storage

Azure Health Monitor

Azure Traffic Manager

Azure Active Directory

Azure Media Service

Azure App Service


The revamped, modernized Azure-based solution brought            a number of tangible benefits, including:

Cost-effective Big Data Management

We utilized a number of Azure’s storage components, including blobs, table storage, document db, AQL database, to create a customised solution that improved analytics, reduced storage costs by almost 90% and increased storage capacity to 10 GB/day


Using Azure Active Directory and Microsoft Antimalware, we ensured secure access and identity management of users, effectively minimising data-related security threats

The solution assured 99.95% SLA for system uptime—including high availability, auto-provisioning and auto scalability. The revamped solution is capable of handling more then 1000 simultaneous user requests per minute

Speedier Data Access

With Azure Search’s faster data access engine, the client was able to quickly retrieve required information from the massive volume of discrete data.

Fast Transcoding of User Generated Content

Video and audio can now be quickly converted into required formats using Azure Media Service .Analyses and review of media files prior to public release using Azure Cognitive’s face, image, emotion and speech analytics engine

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